Ban Nuclear Power

September 21, 2011 at 2:36 pm (environmental, political, Science, Wisconsin)

“Nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water”-Albert Einstein

Currently there are approximately 140 nuclear power facilities around the globe.  We are in a time period of increasingly violent storms and earthquakes, that in my opinion are man-made.  Add to the mix these recent stories, one highlighting the role solar flares could play in nuclear holocaust, and the other as to how earthquakes pose the same threat.

I have sat here and wondered what if anything I could do about it, and well I encourage all of you to cut and paste these articles, or your own message, on to an email and send it to all of your representatives.  The emails for Wausau/Wisconsin representatives is at bottom.  It is time we demanded these monumentally ineffecient, horrendously dangerous and dirty abominations get shut down.  Before they kill us all.

Some of these guys dont have public emails, but rather contact forms so just paste it into your browser.

We the people do have a voice, we do have a right to not be poisoned, and it is high time we stood up and exercised that right.

Also for all you Wisconsin residents, check out nukewatch wisconsin’s page at

There are two reactors in Wisconsin that I know of, both at Point Beach on Lake Michigan.  Below is a link to an article Nukewatch just did in regards to those reactors.

At Point Beach, Wisconsin, & Elsewhere, Plans to Rev-up Rickety Reactors


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