Another leak at a Nuclear facility, this time Massachusetts

December 29, 2011 at 7:36 pm (environmental, political)

Just to let you all know Im still here.  Been busy as all get out, but still here.  For the next few weeks I may just cut/paste stories like the one below so that people get an idea of what is really going on with the Nuclear industry.  It is not the safe squeky clean thing that its proponents like to claim it is, nor are nuclear accidents a once in a decade or two thing.  They happen all the time, and whereas most of them are minor, as this one is, the reality needs to be brought home that we are just playing Russian roulette.

In other news it is looking like I will indeed be spearheading a reforestation campaign here in Wausau, and I can not tell you how overjoyed I am.  I have worked a long time to see things like this happen, and odds are I and hopefully a few other area residents will be planting native coniferous tree species next spring.  Check out the Commission website at for updates on that and other things we are working on.


reprinted from,

A nuclear plant in Plymouth has been shut down after a suspected leak from the one of the plants safety relief valves. “An Nuclear Regulator Commission Resident Inspector was at the the Pilgrim nuclear power plant Monday to monitor the shutdown, which took place without any complications,” said Nuclear Regulator Commission spokesman Neil Sheehan. The Nuclear Regulator Commission says the Pilgrim nuclear power plant was shut down due to leakage from a valve which provides overpressure protection for the plant’s reactor coolant system. The NRC, in a statement said the valve opens when required, “to discharge reactor steam into the suppression pool, a large, donut-shaped reservoir of water located at the bottom of the reactor building.” NRC inspectors will also monitor the repairs to the valve and then also monitor the service restoration when the plans are completed.


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