Learning to live with less

February 23, 2012 at 4:07 pm (Central Wisconsin, environmental, magic, medicine, philosophy, political, prophecy, shamanism, spirituality, Uncategorized, Wausau, Wisconsin)

So its been a very long time since I posted last.  No I didnt drop off the face of the Earth, despite the attempts of certain people to make it as such.  My life has settled down greatly and justice has been served.   I am free as much as one person can be in this society.  Sitting out for a while has given me new perspective on some of the issues facing our society today.  I am currently up to my eyeballs in a mining fight, not only is there the mining bill in the legislature, but there is a company looking to carve a 600 acre open pit mine right in my backyard for some measly flecks of gold.  Its a vein that was passed up in the 70’s, but with current gold prices, it is being revisted.  Hold on while I take a deep breath, ’cause I have a few things to say about that.

I could go on about the environmental impacts of such a thing, but I have said enough throughout the 5 years of this blog on the subject that I think you all can figure out that carving a hole in the ground that could probably be seen from space is a bad thing.  I actually meet with the company in a few weeks to find out more of what they are doing, and once I have a better idea of what is going on I’ll go from there.  But the truth of the matter is that they wouldn’t be interested in digging around, if there werent the demand for it.  So I could rail against the company, but that wouldnt be getting to the root of the problem would it?

No the root of the problem is very old, and as the old age gives way to the new, the old way of doing things is crying out in its death throes.  That is not to say it has been rendered harmless, for the old way is still very much alive, very greedy, and in its desperation more dangerous than ever.  But the sprouts of the new are there, and with a little love and nurture, will outgrow the weeds they are currently surrounded with.

With fears of economic collapse, one world government and the looming 2012 apocalypse, people are trying to hedge their wealth against financial ruin.  To do so they are turning to precious metals.  Gold.  Their faith in the economic system is shot, for good reason, although if they had any sense they would have realized that in the first place.  Wall Street has its roots in the East India Company, the folks who brought you further economic disparity and the concept of a third world nation (because they created them) and oh yeah, were the one who told the Chinese they were going to smoke opium and like it.  The ghosts of the past do not go away, no they just keep trying to convey their message with more and more emphatic means until someone finally listens.  Economic collapse, severe weather, ever stop to wonder if maybe this is a curse, and not just random?  There is an unease in people these days.  The unease of a people who know that in some way they are doomed, but they dont know how.  That is why something like 2012 catches and takes hold with people.  They know something is wrong, they just cant quite put their finger on it. That unease is the wellspring within us all, the collective unconscious, bubbling up with the truth that we as a nation have done some unspeakable things, things that do not go unpunished.

This punishment, this curse dooms us to suffer as we have inflicted suffering on millions, and it goes far beyond the impoverishment and resultant suffering of nations such as India and the entire continent of Africa.  The white man’s “conquering” of the New World is a holocaust that dwarfs that of the Jews.  Almost ten times as many Indians died as those who perished in the concentration camps.  Hilter even gave the US credit for inspiring him to his act of atrocity in Mein Kampf, admiring our quick and effecient extermination of the natives of this continent.  And where do the ghosts of those exterminated go?  Those who die violent deaths linger until the transgression that caused their death is righted.  The more they are ignored, the more antagonistic they become.  The weather here is an example, but so is the high casuality rate of jobs such as logging and mining.  Stop and think a minute, never thought of it that way did you?  The Indians refer to the stones they bring in to their lodges as grandmothers and grandfathers.  The stones, the earth and the trees that grow upon them, are imbued with the spirits of all those who came before, just as they are alive in their own right.  It’s not accidental, it’s revenge.

As much as our society likes to pride itself on being modern and having learned from our past mistakes, it is still business as usual.  The names and the players may have changed, but the same old story continues.  Instead of cotton, now we impoverish India with GMO seeds, instead of murder, now we kill the Native Americans culturally by forcing their children into the public school system, and conditions on the reservations, are as bad as they ever were.  But the wisdom of the Natives is exactly the antidote to all this poison.  There is a cree proverb that states, Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. And so the real irony begins, for as economic and agricultural collapse looms, what do these people responsible do?  They invest in a metal.  Have fun chewing on that, I can think of no more fitting a punishment than to be left with piles of a metal and nothing else.  To starve as King Midas starved.

However as much as I would love to revel in such sweet irony, it doesnt solve my gold mine problem.  There is more wisdom in the Native peoples of this land than just a simple quote.  For they work together as a society, as opposed to competitively as the rest of American society does.  Ive been getting called a socialist a lot lately, by nervous conservatives thinking I want to take their way of life away.  They should be nervous, not because I am a socialist, but because I do want to take their way of life away, for good reason.  It is based on horror and sins that run so deep as to level all of human society if it is not stopped and fixed, now.

The main reason these mines are being pushed so much lately, aside from economic collapse as it pertains to the stock market, is the other side of economic meltdown, unemployment.  These mines would provide jobs, dangerous jobs that in the long run exploit an area, and make the people and animals who live there sick, but jobs none the less.  Why when presented with the obvious fact that the American way of doing things is a failure, do we continue to try to fix the problems, using the very same tools that created them?  Doing something the same way everytime and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity.  Yup, Im saying it, our society is insane.  Has been for a long time, and now it cant hide the cracks any longer.

On the subject of insanity, I used to look at the 50’s with kind of a perplexed fascination as I was growing up.  It was for no particular reason except that it was a weird decade.  People looked weird, acted weird, if you think about it the social attitudes of that time were a little crazy too.  I wasnt until I was older I started to get what was really going on in that decade, and why the whole socialist rag is an irony in and of itself, as history is repeating.  The 50’s are noted for among other things Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and his rooting out of communists, ruining the lives and careers of people for holding a different belief than his own.

One could argue that this was because of the threat posed by Reds over in Russia, and it was, but there is something underneath that the history books glossed over, and like any injustice, its starting to pop up again, because no one fully understood what really happened.  The 50’s were the emergence of Suburbia, and the time when we gave Nazi scientists asylum in exchange for scientific knowledge.  Seems odd to lump the two together but I assure you there is a method to my madness, for both are equally toxic in their own right.

I define Suburbia, as not only the housing layout, but the mindset.  It was supposed to be the best of city and country life, all rolled into one.  The reality is that it is more of the worst of both worlds, but it is a life style that cannot exist without fossil fuel.  We have hit peak oil.  The oil that remains now is no longer easy to get to, and requires more and more dirastic means to extract.  What all these people with their McMansions and SUV’s are going to do is beyond me, apparently munch on some gold when the shit hits the fan, but the collapse has been on going for a few years now with the foreclosure crisis, and it is only going to get worse.  Again on the subject of irony, those who look to Dec 21, 2012 as the end of days or as the end of the world as we know seem ignorant of the fact that we are already in the middle of the apocalypse, have been for a while now.

The other weird by product of the 50’s was the technology boom.  In all areas, but especially medicine there were leaps and bounds.  Nostradamus predicted Hitler, as being the anti-Christ, and that then end of the world would soon follow.  The “advances” in technology in the 50’s in large part came from Nazi scientists.  The two big things that stand out in my mind, are TV and vaccinations.  Go back into the archives in this blog and you will know what I really think of both.  TV that is the mind control that keeps the masses complacent and steadily marching towards their doom, Karl Marx hadnt seen anything yet when he wrote about religion being the opium of the masses.  Vaccinations are making our kids retarded, and you know who it is that is supporting both of these heinious things?  The suburbanites.

Which brings me back to my point of competitive society vs cooperative society.  It is the TV that brainwashes those stupid enough not to think for themselves into believing socialism is the boogeyman. And not to beat the dead irony horse, but as poor people sit and watch the tube, they are being conditioned against the lifestyle that would save them.  I am not speaking of the redistribution of wealth and state run business, I am speaking of working cooperatively independent of a government that is so corrupt I doubt it will survive.  Imagine a world where profit is no longer the driving motive, what a world that would be.   We dont need mining jobs, because if people got back to basics, they would realize that 80% of the crap they spend their entire lives working for is unnecessary.  If we worked together as a society, as opposed to stepping on each other every chance we got in the vain hopes of getting ahead, the other 20% that we do actually need would become a lot easier.  And then what?  A life where the majority of peoples time is spent in leisure and joy, just as the Indians lived.

The solution is not more jobs to pull more things out of the ground, and make that into more crap, the solution is to learn to live with less.  It is the only way.  A person is free to do as they choose in this country right?  Well that is what they tell us at least because here is the other half of why I continue to speak out.  I have no choice.  I tried to walk away, to live in the woods with no TV and no technology.  I dont continue to use the very demon I rail against because I am a hypocrite, no I was dragged back, because those gold-hoarders recognize a person like me, and my chosen lifestyle as a very real threat.  And they are right, it is.  One person walks away, well then it gives others ideas now doesnt it?   And pretty soon you have a bleeding wound that threatens the very life of capitalist greed itself.  A life of true freedom, after all isn’t that what this country was founded on?  Oh wait…

Now you know the truth of why nothing in this country ever gets better.  Why society splinters further and further apart.  What McCarthy’s witch hunt was really all about, it was fighting the forces that could legitimately undermine capitalism greed and “entitled” lifestyle of suburbia.  More irony folks, most of his career before becoming Senator was in Shawano, a town not to far away from where I live.  Mr McCarthy probably only furthered the ideology he tried to fight as the 50’s gave way to the 60’s and counterculture that openly espoused Socialism and communes.  The movement that was the heralding of the age of Aquarius, and the shift from the old to the new.

And so consider this my middle finger to the establishment and all their hoarding.  I hope they are buried alive under all their crap.  In the mean time if I am indeed stuck here, then I am going to make the most of my unpleasant bedfellows and change the system from the inside out. The mindset that to this day still spawns the likes of McCarthy, that slings insults and socialism as a means to ruin the lives of those who do not buy into the farce, doesnt like anything different because it might remind them of what they gave up and killed, both within themselves and the world at large, and might make them come face to face with the reality of what their life really is.  So as they bind me to them, so they bind themselves to the fabric of delusion being ripped from their eyes.  I speak the truth, and there is phenomenal power in that.   Signing off for the day,  in the thick of it, and still fighting, not with fists and weapons, but with truth and integrity.


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