Wisconsin Standardized Test Scores

July 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm (Central Wisconsin, education, medication, parenting, psychiatry, psychology, Wausau, Wisconsin)

It came out this week that Wisconsin has been fudging it’s K-12 proficiency test scores for many years now. Whereas, no child left behind left our schools in even worse shape than what they already were, this is a disturbing, yet vindicating piece of news.
If you have been paying attention to my blog for more than a year, you would know that my sons school tried to make a demon out of me, for A, refusing medication, and B for having the gumption to stand up to teachers at the Title 1 committee and ask them to challenge, not only my child, but all other children as well. I was told they didnt want to leave anyone behind, leaving me with the obvious conclusion that they would rather hold my son back, leading to his boredom induced deviancy, than actually strive for greater heights.
I swore that what they tried to do to me last year stemmed out of my refusal to drug my child for ADHD. My child is brilliant, but again rather than provide him with the educational challenges he needed to keep him focused and interested, they would rather sedate him with drugs, causing permanent brain damage. The thought of putting a 6 year old on amphetamines is appalling, even more so when you realize we have a bigger problem with prescription drug abuse in this country, than so called street drugs, those prescriptions being pain killers and stimulants (ie, ADHD drugs), and is doubling appalling that they would take the bright little light that is my son and deliberately snuff it so as to not have to work too hard?
According to the articles I have read on the subject, it is looking like these scores were tweaked to keep Wisconsin from losing any more school funding, as under no child left behind, schools lose money if their children don’t pass the tests, and they are given more money if their kids are above average. So our illustrious schools were lying through their teeth to not only keep what they had, but get more.
What do they need all this extra money for? I learned my three R’s no problem without the benefit of smartboards and computers. Maybe children need to be taught technology to be better suited for the workforce, but my kid’s elementary school had this stuff. This isnt helping children learn, this is giving the illusion of same, for stupid people who cant see through the fact that money does not guarantee success.
But there is more to this than just fibbing test scores to get cash. I said it before and I will say it again. It is a little known fact that schools get extra money for every child in their care that has a diagnosed and medicated disorder. You see it wasnt just laziness that prompted my sons teacher to try to force me to medicate my son, it was horrible twisted greed. These schools pray upon low income famillies, because they think they are too stupid and or overburdened to fight such a recommendation.
I sent my son to school with a sack lunch everyday, may not have been great, but it usually consisted of a salami sandwich on whole wheat, an apple and some whole grain chips. Yet somehow my child, without my request or consent was signed up for school lunch, like they judged his meal choice to be inadequate. The school lunch they signed him up for also consisted of breakfast, and my child, despite repeated warnings and requests that he not be fed sugar or food additives, began to be fed utter sugary pink slime crap.  That fare, eventually led to my son’s teacher approaching me about medication, and when I refused and politely told her where to stick it, led to her flat out lying to social services, so that they would intervene and hand him off to someone who would medicate him, and in the long run they would be paid for it.
They deliberately sabatoged me, just as they are deliberately sabatoging many low income parents. They know exactly what they are doing to kids and they dont care. Why? Because they get paid more, they get more uneccessary gadgets which apparently dont work to teach kids anyway as the new revelations about kids proficiency in this state would lead one to believe. This story is saddening, but it is the wake up call to parents everywhere that maybe the teachers they have placed their trust in are more than undeserving of it.



  1. al said,

    welcome to Obama’s America. And he’s just getting warmed up.

    • etheria888 said,

      Not quite sure what Obama has to do with it, considering no child left behind was a Bush policy. How exactly did you mean?
      If you are referring to forcing children on medication and a school lunch program that shouldnt be fed to dogs, that likewise has existed long before Obama was a blip on anyone’s radar. I dont like politicians period, whatever side they are on, but in the interest of fairness these policies were in place long before him.

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