Ok Daily Herald, Let’s talk about Jobs and Mining in the Upper Peninsula

July 19, 2012 at 1:05 am (Central Wisconsin, environmental, mining, political, upper peninsula, Wausau, Wisconsin)

A few days ago, the Wausau Daily Herald took it upon themselves to try to revive the discussion over the mining bill that was shot down earlier this year. I wonder, who paid who, to start that one up again. It’s so nice to see independent critical journalism at it’s finest. (*cough) The company, Goegebic Taconite, is no longer interested, seems they got a little sand in their shorts when they realized the state of Wisconsin does not look kindly on some corporation thinking they can rewrite our laws. All I have to say is good riddance, but it would appear that there are still a few that believe that not only is mining good for the economy (see this AB426 hearing letter for a more detailed shredding of the argument), it is the only way to save the ailing economy of the Upper Peninsula. No, they had another way, and they shot it down.
What certain folks convieniently forget is that several years ago, Ski-Doo, wanted to open a plant up there. But Ironwood said no. I assure you it’s true, and you want to know why?  Ironwood Plastics.
The illustrious folks who ran that gigantic OSHA violation, paid their workers just above minimum wage. these folks also sat either on the Ironwood Common Council, or the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce (my source is unsure which). When Skidoo came to town, they were willing to start employees at 15/hr. Stevens, the then owner of Ironwood Plastics, along with other business owners in town declined Skidoo, because then they would have to pay their workers more, so as not to lose them.
So that blows a rather large hole in the theory that Ironwood/Hurley can not get any other jobs than a mine. Stevens is no longer active as far as I can tell, which is probably why this mine was not stonewalled because of better wages, that and Goegebic Taconite went straight for the state government, thereby bypassing any possible local interference. The root problem, has nothing to do with jobs, but rather the same old story of greed and corruption. The article in the Daily Herald, was ludicrously billed as an investigative report, well here’s some real investigation for you, not some thinly veiled propaganda piece paid for by corporate corruption.


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