Smartphones role in Economic and Social Inequality

October 6, 2012 at 12:05 pm (economic justice, environmental, social justice)

Just a quick thought, as I have about had it with the technophiles buying a new smart phone every 6 months. In our quest for the latest gadget, we are furthering the very social and economic wrongs we use them to speakout against. For the record I am writing you on a computer from 2003, so lest anyone think me a hypocrite, think again, I don’t even own a cell phone either. But it was a commonplace sight to have people in the Occupy movement tweeting updates from their smartphones while in a rally. Look up Vanguard TV online, and look at the documentary on electronics recycling in China. China that has little to no environmental standards, whose workers dismantle your “recycled” 1 year old phone in the front gravel patch of their little hovel. For mile and miles there is a ghetto of these folk, who get 12/day, and in the end get cancer. You better believe the cell phone manufacturers and recyclers know the conditions in China, but because it is cheaper, they dont care. So not only is it the environmental devastation, and the social devastation as entire villages develop cancer to save some executive a few bucks, it is the economic devastation of all our jobs being shipped overseas the last 20 years. So congratulations, the smart phone you wear as a badge of your self worth, is doing its large part to make the world a worse place. Cripes people, THINK!


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