A warning for those who would overthrow corruption

October 7, 2012 at 9:53 pm (Climate Change, environmental, global warming, Nuclear Energy, political, social justice)

Just another quick message folks. I am obviously as disgusted with heavy handed over reaching government as the next guy, however before you want to hack government sites or a revolution, know this. There are hundreds of nuclear reactors in the country and worldwide, all of them dependent on the electrical grid. Furthermore, the spent rods that are stored either on site, or in repositories such as Yucca Mountain, likewise have to be refrigerated to stave off meltdown. That being said, any radical destabilization of the governing bodies could result in our annihilation. The time has gone to be able to overthrow problem oligarchies with the glory of rebellion, we must come up with more creative solutions to oppression, and perhaps the best way is to take back our government, not overthrow it. It is to shut down these reactors first, and find a way to either neutralize spent fuel, or store it in the cold wastes of space for use as fuel in ion drive spacecraft. There are so many things going on that the average joe has no clue even exist, things like weather modification weaponry, seismic weaponry. I dont know if climate change is a result of CO2 or rising radiation levels and the afore mentioned weapons, or a combination of both. This is not to say do nothing, dear Lord you must do something, we all must do something to stop this. Wherever you find yourself you can effect change, and you can do it the right way, with righteous truth. Justice still exists, and most people do serve good, and you can have faith in that just as you should trust that God and the spirits help those who helps themselves and serve what is right. There is a Way, a Way of peace. It takes courage, it takes unrelenting vigilance, and if every single one of us keeps to this path we can bring about a new and glorious age. But we must stop hiding our heads in the sand, we must take responsibility for our own existence, and we must think and fully research everything we do before we do it. No simple angry solution will do it. We must change our spirits, for that is the true sickness of society, a weakness of spirit. Everything is just a symptom of that problem.


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