The New City

May 21, 2013 at 4:18 pm (Central Wisconsin, Christianity, Climate Change, economic justice, education, environmental, herbalism, love, magic, mass die-offs, medicine, natural medicine, Nuclear Energy, paganism, philosophy, political, prophecy, psychology, religion, social justice, spirituality, Wausau, Wisconsin)

throne5 “And I saw a new heaven and new Earth.  For the first Earth passed away, and the sea is no more.  And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.  And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying “Behold the dwelling of God with men, and he will dwell with them.  And they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.  And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.  And death shall be no more; neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” -Revelation 21:1-4

For the six years I have been writing, regardless of my justified wrath at corruption and desecration of the Earth, I have never advocated violent revolution, and I never will.  It’s tempting, dont get me wrong, but I can never in good faith condone such a thing.  Not because certain folks dont deserve to be dragged out in the street and strung up by their toes like Mussolini, but because history has shown revolutions are very often replaced by a worse order than the ones they overthrew (China in the 20th century, the French Revolution, the sack of Rome, etc).  The point at which we are now, so yoked to tyrranny, oppression and fear, is only reached by a sickness of spirit, and no amount of revolution will solve that crisis, if anything it will only make it worse.

It is too bad more people do not take it upon themselves to understand what the Mayans were talking about with 2o12, for it echoes the very same themes I have spoken about for years.  It is not an apocalypse, rather the end of an old order, an order than very much needs to die, and the rise of a new order.  In fact the carvings specifically mention that adversarial conflict will not bring about this new order, it will only perpetuate the old.  Lord knows I have fallen into that trap over the years, as it is very easy to let all that is wrong will the world take root as anger in the heart, but that anger is a poison, a poison that will slowly take you over, and in the end you will become the very thing you are fighting against.  In the end you wont even recognize yourself anymore.

Anyone who has paid attention to my writings knows that the last 2 years have been doseys for me.   Almost exactly a year ago I was in a tractor accident that should have killed me, and in the instant that I saw the front end of it come up and over on top of me, I felt two things.  One I heard a demon in my head say “gotcha”, and as I went limp, as I truly thought I was a goner and let go as a result, I felt two hands on my arms.  Two hands that guided me in such a manner so that when the tractor came down on me, it took out my arm, and my ribs on my left side, but missed my heart and my head by an inch.  If I had fallen any other way I would have been decapitated or it would have stopped my heart. I bring this up, because the events of the last two years, in addition to a long history of unbelievable stuff, put me in a deep crisis of faith.

I was broken, shattered to pieces, both literally and figuratively, and it has taken a long time to put myself back together, to make sense of it all.  I know all things happen for a reason, and that the Divine is always there, as are the Spirits, and so for all this to happen, both the injustices and the miracles, the agony and the ecstacy, was alot for my little mind to assimilate and understand.  But I think I have. For too long I have led a double life, nay triple life.

On one hand I am extremely domestic, I loathe leaving the house and prefer the company of children plants and animals, to most humans.  I do not hate people, rather I have found most people do not understand my kind, and rather be relegated to the role of scapegoat in the pack, when truth be told I am smarter than just about anyone,  I prefer to be a lone wolf, and enjoy the company of innocents, than be crucified by those who let the fire and purity die in their hearts long ago.  My second life is that of a public servant.  I love my furry, feathery, leafy and little friends so much, that long ago I decided I would rather die than watch them be systematically destroyed.  I almost did destroy myself from the unbearable pain, but long ago, as I stood down a 6’2″ white supremacist with a knife by only my words, I realized two things.  One my words had power, and two that I did not fear death anymore and it began a chain reaction of thought that left me with something that can best be summed up in a quote I once heard, “a fool wants to die for a cause, a wise man lives for it”  This peculiar mix of life experience and wisdom makes me a formidable defender of the Earth and those who cannot fight for themselves.  But as I said before, you spent a long enough time fighting something, eventually you become it.

Which brings me to my third life, that being a druid priestess. There is much tittering and throat clearing that goes on in this town over my controversial spiritual path.  Its too bad, for as people decide to pull the wool from their eyes and actually ask me what being a druid priestess all entails, they find that it is not the devil worship and debauchery that they have been told it is (ok, there is a little Bacchanalia, but not the kind that is hurting anyone, and man is it fun 😀 ), rather it is a path that is peaceful and encourages harmony between man and nature.  I have always known it is key to the spiritual poverty plaguing our world.  It is the gravest of sins that the church fathers deliberately concealed the true message of Jesus to consolidate their power.  That we are created in Gods image, that we all have the power of God within us, and it is our spiritual duty to cultivate this divine nature.  The power of God as in, with the proper discipline and spiritual seeking, one need only think something and truly believe it and it becomes a reality.  I tell people, I wish I could let them see through my eyes, for only a day, for they would understand that there is no more need for pain, for suffering, even for death, the world is a brilliant and awe inspiring testament to the power of Love, Life and yes, Magic.

They say a house divided, falls, and for many years, I have been that house divided.  I hide my spiritual path for the most part with my public environmental work, my domestic side very often languished as my work, both environmental and spiritual consumed much of my time and energy, and all three, my domestic life, my public persona and my spirituality have suffered as the stress and fear of retribution for tackling pollution in this town slowly whittled away my peace of mind, my very sanity.  It is no surprise that what has happened in the last two years has happened, it needed to.  Glory be to the Divine, whatever name you may call It by, for although It may be ruthless sometimes, it is always with a purpose, always with wisdom, its just whether or not the pea-brained human decides to get over herself and listen to what is being taught.

This will be the first post I publish on all three of my websites, unashamed, and unabashedly.  A new leaf of unity and of peace.  Ghandhi said “be the change you seek”, and for the most part my lifestyle at least on the surface has been that change, but my headspace has not.  I shouldnt have to compartmentalize, I know I am only one among many in that department, many hide who they really are, for fear of being judged or retribution, but you wear a mask long enough, you forget who you are underneath, and so I lay the first brick, in the building of the new city.  No more fear, no more stress, no more fighting, no more hiding, only being.  That is the antidote to the spiritual sickness of our society, but it is only the beginning.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a pyschological theory that orders the needs of a human in terms of priorities and requirements for a fufilled and happy life, if things at the bottom of the pyramid are not tended to, the higher order needs will never be realized.   Below is the pyramid of needs: Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs     This model can be extrapolated to society at large, and it becomes even more apparent the ills and shortcomings of the world.  Many do not have clean air to breath, healthy food to eat, if any food at all, many survive without clean water, many people find it difficult to sleep in our age of anxiety and stress.  And that is only the base of the pyramid….

In the years I have been fighting for the environment, I have focused primarily on the tearing down of the old order, the old city.  Fighting pollution, corruption etc, whereas I have touched on solutions to these problems, truth be told the focus has been primarily negative.  I have shut down polluters in this town or at the very least severely hampered them, and seen the results of a people with no jobs, losing their very identity as a result, and those people’s anger and backlash have been a daily part of my life.  I sought to free people from sickness, but in doing so created a whole new set of problems.  As I said it is not that I didnt pose solutions, but they never came to the forefront of my work.  It was a mistake, and considering to some extent I created the lack of jobs (not completely, but I did have a hand in it), it is my responsibility to fix it.  And so I present to the people a vision for the future, the New City, the New Jerusalem.  May all hear and heed my words, and may the New City last forever.

To begin with, with Maslow as a guide, basic physiological needs must be attended to. I work for these things actively, so do not think I am just writing, as God as my witness I will use all of my power within the city and as a priestess to make what follows a reality, and I challenge all who read this, to likewise use their power and influence (everyone has both, whether they realize it or not) to realize this vision.  First off, the water and air,  are polluted here, with some superfund sites.  Many do not have access to wholesome food.  Many live in homes that are moldy and drafty, if they have a home at all (I know Maslow doesnt list shelter as a basic physiological need, that must be an oversight as it is as necessary and breathing and eating).  I could tackle pollution head on, but it would drive away the few jobs left, and Im pretty sure I would have a lynch mob on my doorstep in relatively short order.  So instead, new ways of earning a living must be found.

One way to employ people is to put people back to work, tending the land.  We have too many factory farms, both for veggies and animals, that are tended by nothing but machines and chemicals, either pesticides on GMO crops, or antibiotics used in CAFO’s as no creature can survive in such deplorable amoral conditions.  I have already worked for years to foment urban agriculture, and I will continue to teach biointensive sustainable organic agriculture, free of GMOs.  Put people back on the land working it in small plots, without machinery, pesticides, petroleum, and right there that is a huge amount of jobs provided.  The USDA helps first time farmers with loans, they practically will bend over backwards to help someone interested.  But rather than buying the standard 40 acres, unless you have a small army to help you tend it, we need to think smaller, much smaller.  5 acres is more than enough to pull in $100,000 in organic vegetable sales, and that can conceivably be tended by a family, free of dangerous and polluting machinery, free of the overuse of synthetic fertilizers, the main reason the water here is toxic with algae blooms that are killing the fish.  I highly recommend if not insist anyone who is a farmer/gardener read the book “How to grow more vegetables*” by John Jeavons.  It is a primer on the biointensive method, it will teach you how to really farm, and that method is the true solution to world food shortages, NOT GMO.  In addition conservation tillage, would reduce global CO2 emissions by 20%.  What many people do not know is that all the dust that is kicked up from plowing is 20% of the climate change problem.  Not to mention tractors create plowpans, an area of compacted soil 9-12″ below the tilled layer that actually reduces yields as a plant’s roots cannot penetrate it.  In addition we raise livestock and crops not only for food, but for textiles as well.  Central Wisconsin is perfect for sheep and their wool, just as flax and hemp can be grown here and spun into textiles, just as the natural dyes can be cultivated as well.

Water/Air pollution is twofold, there is industrial and agricultural.  I have already given the solution to the agricultural, as to industrial, we need to embrace the green technological revolution, as not only does it solve mercury and radioactive contamination(40% of world freshwater usage is actually in cooling thermoelectric generators, and that water is NOT usuable afterwards), but it generates jobs, lots of them.  The green energy sector is the faster growing portion of the economy by a country mile.  But simply providing the jobs is not enough.  We need a new method of doing business, and new basis of economic theory, steady state economics and cooperatives.  Steady state does not accept the Malthusian premise that boom and bust cycles are inevitable, it does not put growth of capital and profit as the primary driver.  Rather steady state economics finds a happy middle ground between boom and bust and stays there, indefinately.  No more crashes and people losing everything.  No more ridiculous profits either, but I am pretty sure all but the greediest and morally bankrupt of our society would agree that stability is sorely needed.  Furthermore, cooperative business models do exist in the form of profit sharing, I would only add that salaries should be within a sane range, those at the bottom should make a livable wage (15/hr minimum) and those at the top should be rewarded for their leadership, however there is a limit to how much that really is.  Greed should not be rewarded or institutionalized, many have more money than any man could need or want, and if they truly are the uppercrust and the better part of society as they arrogantly think themselves to be, they would have the moral decency to know that they do indeed have an obligation to give back to the system and people they profited so handsomely from.  What did Jesus say, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven?

These few things that I have listed, would transform society, but it is only the foundation.  Once people no longer have to pay for their food, or if they do it is by choice, once clothing is a local industry, once pottery is a local industry as well as the already established breweries, once herbal medicine, the true medicine is available, and not jacked up by pharmaceutical companies ruthlessly pursuing the bottom line and patenting it, once people are not driving themselves to injury and death either in their cars, their tractors, their lawn equipment or in the dangerous factory they work in exposed to hazardous chemicals and unsafe machinery, once the mortgage is paid with a decent job, once we all have free energy because the solar system they worked at the solar plant (that had all the environmental controls so that it didnt become the very problem is sought to ameliorate) to earn is paid for and the house in properly insulated and peoples homes are heated for free with biogas from waste, once local economy is established so that people no longer need to drive all over God’s green Earth to earn a living, and cars are no longer necessary, and if they are they are produced at cost rather than for profit (pnuematic cars cost roughly $4000), tell me what then are peoples expenses?

Then we get into the higher order needs Maslow spoke about.  Dare to dream folks.  Imagine a world where we no longer have to work 40 hours a week unless we choose to, where our budgets are no longer eaten up just trying to survive.  Where our basic needs are provided for, we have security we have food water and shelter.  What a world that would be.  A world where you can spend time with your families, your mate.  Where resources are no longer consumed at unsustainable rates and society turns away from oligarchies and plutocrats and industries that pollute and impoverish.  What then?  Then we find ourselves again, then culture reaches new heights, technology reaches new heights and we have a world where the common man may spend his time in leisure, educating himself, in spiritual contemplation, whatever he so chooses.  Then we hit the top of the pyramid, self-actualization.  We become the race we were born to be.  Divine and free. What are we waiting for?  Look inside yourself and around you and begin building the  new city, the New Jerusalem today.


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  1. Phyllis Hanson Tolzmann said,

    Just when you thought no one was listening… I happened upon your blog and felt an immediate connection and understanding. When I get a chance, I plan to return to your site and read further. Phyllis

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