The Magic is Real

November 8, 2015 at 2:08 pm (Christianity, economic justice, environmental, love, magic, marriage, metaphysics, paganism, parenting, philosophy, religion, sex, shamanism, social justice, spirituality, vegetarianism)

white hart


Belief is everything

Theoretical physics tells us by the very act of observing we shape the world, subatomic particles react to the expectations of the observer…the foundational particles that make up our entire world, including ourselves, are altered by our belief

That being said, belief is everything.

I’ve been a card-carrying shaman, witch, druid, wise woman of the woods, whatever you want to call it, for over a decade now. I was born this way, why, I could speculate, but suffice to say I am what I am and I cannot help it, only embrace it.  I’ve seen some amazing things in my time, things I am truly privileged to have witnessed.  I’ve seen my spells take effect, the positive change they have caused, as well as the negative unintended consequences.  I’ve seen one woman (myself) take on some pretty powerful interests, and largely win.  I’ve dreamed prophetic dreams, and watched as they take effect in reality to my never ending amazement.  I’ve seen balls of light, not floaters in my eyes, but actual spirits or fairies.  I see them quite regularly, except when I’m angry, then I tend to scare them off, but they come back, and light up when there is something I need to pay attention to.  I hear messages in songs, in the natural world, I even get feathers dropped in my path when something noteworthy is about to occur.  The very heavens and weather at times have been sympathetic to my emotional state, and the very wrath of the storm accompanies my upset if deep enough.  It truly has been a charmed extraordinary life.

But there is a down side to the charmed life few will ever discuss.  For one, the alienation.  Even if I do tell people what I see and they believe me, they still didn’t see what I saw and cannot understand the terrible burden it can be.  Worse yet if I do tell them, they think me crazy, because surely, if it’s not something they’ve ever experienced it must not exist.  Furthermore, when you are a shining one, another term for a shaman, the negative entities of the spiritual world will also see that light, and they will try to snuff it out.  Not everyone plays fair, there are somethings out there that feed on suffering, and the more intense the person, the more intense the pain, and its a veritable demonic buffet I guess.

Whats even worse is that many people are not in their right minds.  They think they are but they aren’t.  Even the do good christian kind are so full of abominable meat and integrity withering prescription & illicit drugs that they too can be a tool of the evil ones, they’re minds and wills taken over, and they don’t even know it.  To see the world as I see it is both a blessing and a curse, for I see how painfully beautiful it could be, and how horribly awful it is.  This world is in the clutches of satan, but all too often it’s those who think by their faith they are righteous, that are doing the greatest works of evil.  Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson can’t hold a candle to the Native American Holocaust, the Jewish Holocaust, Slavery and the Crusades.  All of those things were done either with the supposed sanctioning of God through the “church” or by those who thought they were making the world a better place.  Hence the quote, “a surplus of virtue is more dangerous than a surplus of vice”

The religious wars continue, neither side grasping that the teachings of their religion actually expressly forbid killing.  There are no addendums to that, only a pretty plainly written thou shalt not kill.  I don’t understand what is so hard to understand about that.  Everybody has an opinion, everybody has an interpretation and it is no wonder why this world more than likely will never be what I see.  After all, mine is just one perspective among seven billion.  I can insist I’m right, and I’ve tried, but at the end of the day, the next guy is going to insist his way is just as right, just as the next guy will, and the next guy, on down the line.

But what is universal, with the exception of a few atheists, is that we do all believe in a God, we do believe there can be a better world, and it is the reward for a life lived in harmony with God.  Focus on what unites us rather than divides us right?  What if I told I had seen God, and I had seen that better world as a reward for true spiritual purity?  Would you believe me?

Last summer, for a brief moment in time, I saw that world manifest.  I will never forget it as long as I live, and it will be a curse to carry, for now, I can’t just write it off as a dream, no I’ve seen it in the flesh.  It’s what happens when two people who are both spiritually pure and gifted, who both earnestly believe, get together.  Two individuals, who are powerful enough in their own right, are brought together, and the amount of energy produced is enough to relight the fire of humanity itself.  Speaking in tongues, putting ones hand in the fire and not getting burned, the heavens opening up with lightning and tornadoes, even raising a poor hapless kitten from the dead.  Biblical stuff, not just oh I noticed a few coincidences and now I see a pattern, no the very power of God manifest right in front of me, and it was both of us, neither of us are capable of these things on that level separately.

What follows is probably one of the greatest tragedies a person could ever write about.  The “real” world sets in, and as it is customarily so, it destroys the miraculous with its mundane crap.  But it cannot destroy what I have seen, I will carry the memory so long as I live, even if the other person is too terrified to ever look again.  Feelings get involved, there’s that pain again for the evil ones to feed off of, especially now, we came damn close to raising the vibrational level of the entire planet, if you’re a demon, gotta nip that in the bud right quick as if there is no more suffering, there is no more buffet.  So back to mundane life, lies, gossip, manipulation, children, jobs, fighting to survive in a world that was meant to be Eden.  And the muggles just laugh cause they’re too dumb to know better, and even some of the non muggles laugh, because they’re too arrogant to accept that maybe someone really did see Heaven, maybe they aren’t as perfect as they think they are, by the fact they think they’re perfect, they’re not, and are just a tool of evil, all the while thinking they’re right.

Jesus said, if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be like a child, but try being like a child in this world, people either think your crazy, naive or a fool.  Try going through your day being brutally honest, and wanting to do nothing except play, whether it be with toys animals or basking in the warmth and beauty of Mother Nature.  People will indeed think there is something wrong with you, or you’ll offend the living daylights out of them when you say whatever it is you really think of them.  But is that not being as a child?  Honest, pure, loving?

Indeed my life is a unique one.  I don’t have to work like the rest of my American counterparts, and it’s not because I’m a freeloader, it’s because I found a way to circumvent the system, the curse of Eve.  I don’t need a big house, or a fancy car, I grow most of my own food.  I can quite literally spend 20 hours a week working out in Nature, where I love to be, and be free the rest of my life, and its wonderful, but it’s also very lonely.  You see the rest of you are too busy working, keeping up with the Joneses, consuming all the crap they hold up before you and tell you you need, when you really don’t.  I get looked at like I’m crazy when I say I live in a camper in the woods, but I look at all of you as crazy, and in many cases evil.

How much suffering did each item you bought cause someone or something else?  The clothes you wear, so concerned about whether they are fashionable or not, that some poor child in  sweatshop made overseas; the diamond, the symbol of your love, how many african children were forced into slavery over?  The phone that is made in a factory where people regularly jump to their death.  The cheap disposable crap that is turning China into a irreversible environmental wasteland over; the oil to fuel your car, to transport your goods, how many children inhaled the fumes from the refinery and got cancer, how many spills, how many wars???   How many animals lived in their own shit their entire lives never seeing the light of day so you could have your steak?  How many vegetables are you eating covered in those animal’s shit cause there’s so much of it they don’t know what else to do with it (e coli and salmonella outbreaks anyone)  How many ways are you being screwed for your indifference and your laziness?  What evil has it wrought?  Look at it, LOOK AT IT.  Turning a blind eye wont save you, it’ll only condemn you even more.

You all think your innocent, but you’re not.  You don’t like the evils of the world stop supporting them.  You don’t need all these things, you really don’t, and fuck what everyone else might think of you.  Do you judge yourself by demons?  Because if they’re gonna act that way they might as well be just that.  How many hours do you work for a house you’re rarely in, a car you rarely drive.  For as condemning as I am, I am also sympathetic.  I know you were born into it, but so was I.   I know you are afraid of what you don’t know or understand, but instead of looking you’ll condemn and ridicule?  Thoreau was right when he said most men live lives of quiet desperation.  Maybe you wont admit it to me, I’m sure you don’t even want to admit it to yourself, but you do.  I see it in your cruelty, your condescension.  The fact many of you are workaholics, don’t look left, don’t look right, just keep working yourself to an early grave, ridiculing those who see it differently all the way to your inevitable demise.  Even the most basic joy in your life inevitably turns into a pain, sex.  For sex makes babies, and babies are responsibilities, even more so in a society that thinks you’re a bad parent if you don’t have them wrapped up and padded like a linebacker your endangering them, and if you don’t buy all the latest crap your, depriving them.  Many end up marrying because they got someone, or they themselves became, pregnant.  Yes, some get the joy of marrying out of love, but just as many, if not more get married out of duty, thereby denying that route of happiness into their lives.

This world indeed is pretty messed up, but what really was the curse of Eve?  Knowledge, and the punishment by God to work all the rest of our days and bear our children in pain as a result.  Knowledge indeed.  Not the knowledge of books, but the knowledge of Good and Evil.  Why would that be such a bad thing?  Perhaps because of the very things that surplus of virtue quote talked about, thinking one person is better because they are more “righteous”, knowledge of one thing being “better” than another.  It made us all finicky judgemental pricks.  Cain and Abel?  Farming instead of living off the land as God intended.  We do it to ourselves folks, because we believe it, and we believe it can never change.

But it can, I’m living proof of it.  I love my life except for the loneliness, except for the fact no one else sees what I see.  How many of you have seen the mists rolling in at dusk, heard the sound of a wolf howl in the dead of night, seen the green lights of the Northern Lights, or better yet, the otherworldly light you can only see if you get far enough from “civilization”.  How many of you have wandered so deep in the woods you didn’t know where you were anymore, how many of you have seen a wild hart, the spirit of the forest, or tree spirits?  How many of you have seen will o wisps, and heard a tree speak?  You’d cash in that for cheap plastic crap?  See most of you I don’t think know what your indifference and belief destroys, I hope you don’t, for if you do, your more evil than I thought.  While your all driving to your nearest park with your loud bratty family dumping wrappers in the woods, there are other things there hiding from you, that if you would just shut up and be still for a minute you would see.  Humans are not the greatest species on this planet, we are actually one of the worst.

But there is that whole belief thing I started this post with…how powerful it really is.  We are the Gods, whether we acknowledge our divinity and sacred roles as caretakers of this planet or not.  If it’s all about what you believe, why believe in such an evil society?  Why limit yourself and cause great evil in the process?  Why not believe in the miraculous and the magical?  Its right there, hiding in that grove of trees, watching you, waiting for you to wake up.


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