Who is this lunatic who keeps spouting off?


I am a Shaman and ordained minister.   I am sworn to the service of the Earth and the Divine and run my own spiritual group in Wausau that focuses on world religions and mythology (www.wausaupagansociety.org)   I am currently putting the finishing touches on my first book, “Tales from the Underworld”, a compilation of ancient goddess mythology and mysteries,  in addition to coming off a run for Wausau City Council.   I am a long time environmentalist, agitating for cleaning up environmental degradation and implementing green technologies, but also simplifying life, and returning to the wild.  I have lived in primitive settings and know that for as much as technology is nice, it is also our undoing if it pollutes the environment.   I am Chair of the Commission for a Greener Tomorrow, the City of Wausau’s citizen environmental advisory board (www.gogreencentralwisconsin.com)  I work to solve the problems of poverty, to clean up and teach respect for Mother Earth.   I condemn the divide between rich and poor, the corporate takeover of our government and the world, and favor less government, not more.  I am not a conservative or a liberal.  I am a former resident of DC and saw first hand things that most people would write off as conspiracy theory.  It may only be a drop in the bucket, but my blog is all about telling the truth that is far too suppressed in our county, and hoping people wake up before it is too late.  In my spare time, I am an avid gardener and hang out with my partner and my son,  and my small herd of furries.



  1. bibomedia said,


  2. Shaman in the city said,

    Wow interesting reading…….good stuff…….I am a shamanka and ordained interfaith minister too. Nice to know I am not alone on this weird wonderful and quite frankly down right bonkers path of ours!……..we are out there doing our thing in this crazy modern world, its not easy but when you are called to serve in this way you have to answer don’t you.

  3. Rainbow~Spirit~Warrior said,

    Just found your site from an email I got from Dan Hull. I go to many lodges there and hope to talk sometime with you as well as we both see the world as is and know the deeper under currents going on. ~To all my relations~

  4. don said,

    good stuff!

  5. Kim said,

    good stuff. except l believe u need Govt….a governing council f you will….not overbearing or corporate but for the basic laws for all people …a unfed front….otherwise t will become the wild wild west.

  6. Tiffany lue said,

    SOOO INSPIRED RIGHT NOW !! Will continue reading! Every day

  7. ThomasJohn said,

    Like where you are going with this…i have been fomenting a similar notion and would like to share it with you…please contact me, thanks and fwiw I was in the thick of the fight that kept Exxon off the Wolf…

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