Ban Nuclear Power

September 21, 2011 at 2:36 pm (environmental, political, Science, Wisconsin)

“Nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water”-Albert Einstein

Currently there are approximately 140 nuclear power facilities around the globe.  We are in a time period of increasingly violent storms and earthquakes, that in my opinion are man-made.  Add to the mix these recent stories, one highlighting the role solar flares could play in nuclear holocaust, and the other as to how earthquakes pose the same threat.

I have sat here and wondered what if anything I could do about it, and well I encourage all of you to cut and paste these articles, or your own message, on to an email and send it to all of your representatives.  The emails for Wausau/Wisconsin representatives is at bottom.  It is time we demanded these monumentally ineffecient, horrendously dangerous and dirty abominations get shut down.  Before they kill us all.

Some of these guys dont have public emails, but rather contact forms so just paste it into your browser.

We the people do have a voice, we do have a right to not be poisoned, and it is high time we stood up and exercised that right.

Also for all you Wisconsin residents, check out nukewatch wisconsin’s page at

There are two reactors in Wisconsin that I know of, both at Point Beach on Lake Michigan.  Below is a link to an article Nukewatch just did in regards to those reactors.

At Point Beach, Wisconsin, & Elsewhere, Plans to Rev-up Rickety Reactors


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Odious Debt, and the reprogramming of a Nation

July 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm (medication, political, psychiatry, Science, Uncategorized)

A person like me, who is constantly doing research, very often gets a case of TMI, too much information.  Furthermore, sometimes I simply cannot, or do not want to believe what I am shown.  But if there is another lesson the events of the last four months, a further extrapolation on my epiphany about judgement and my belief in myself, it is that yes it really is as bad as I see it, as much as I fall into the ostrich approach and wanting bury my head in the sand in the hopes it all goes away.  It doesnt, if anything it just gets worse, because then you have refused to see the situation for what it is, and are hanicapping yourself to be able to do anything about it by your lack of clear perception on the subject.  Call it innocence (athough I doubt you could accuse me of that at this point), call it naivete, but I simply have not wanted to believe what I see, and well big surprise, while my head was in the sand, I was bit in the arse by it.

My most recent case of TMI came when i was in the garden with my partner, and he was telling about how warfare has evolved to the point of where to a great extent troops are no longer needed.  It has turned into a video game, where someone sits in their home half a world away, while unmanned drones bomb people in Afghanistan back to the stone age.   I already knew about the drones, I’ve known that for a while, just like I know about robotic insects for surviellance and project Echelon computing the threat of this missive, along with every other digital missive and conversation on the planet, in massive super computers and satellites.

What was so disturbing to me was that for the people doing the killing with these drones, it is literally just a video game.  Furthermore, in a society were human numbers no longer win the world, but rather remote technology, masses of people serve no more function to those whose interests are greed and plutocracy.  How these people can live with themselves is beyond me, but it lead me down a line of thought that about a day later crystalized into something really profound and serious.  See it is soon after I made the comment that i really wish I knew how the Nazis were able to rise the way they were.  As someone who is 1/2 German, and 1/4 Jewish, the atrocities of the third reich are very much a part of my conciousness, as that to great extent is what people think when you mention your German, whether its concious or not.  The winds of change must have heard my question posed in earnest because it wasnt too much later that a very well done show was on television, about the rise of the third reich, the ten years before Hitler invaded anyone.

As I watched it because clear to me how it could have happpened.  Ten years before WWII, Hitler had in place eugenics programs.  They encouraged Aryan women to have as many children as possible, and forcibly sterilized non-Aryan women.  Furthermore young boys were in the Hitler Youth program, and it was one of those things that it was the cool thing to do.  It was a lot like boy scouts, but unlike boy scouts, they would allow the boys kind of fight clubs.  They encouraged the natural aggression of males, and would preside over violence deliberately calculated to change the social conditioning of boys, so that violence and atrocity were acceptable.  Children would rebel against their parents to be in this, and Hitler Youth brainwashed fanatical loyalty to the Fuhrer.  So ten years before stuff ever went down, they were already breeding the future soldiers, fanatical soldiers who would do anything in the name of Hitler.

Fast forward 50 years.  Violent video games are everywhere, and despite the protests of mothers everywhere, it is still not to hard for a young boy to get Duke Nukem or Resident Evil or Splinter Cell, or whatever the newest combat orientated video game is.  When i was a kid (hold on while I date myself here:) ) I had intellivision, and not only could you shoot aliens, but you also had puzzle games, dungeons and dragons, pitfall, games where violence was not the center attraction, but rather problem-solving.  I still think wistfully of the “good ole days” of video gaming, because with the exception of games like guitar hero and the myriad fitness games on Wii, violence and combat are the emphasis for the games these days.  I mean really how many first person shooters can one society stand?  Apparently a lot.

For years I have lamented the failure to lauch of men my own age.  Finding a real man in this town was very difficult.  I got lucky and finally did, but I spent years competing with video games, with multiple ex’s.  I mean its really bad when I cant even go for a walk because my other half refuses to shut of Splinter Cell, and is so into it half the time he doesnt even hear me.  And I am apparently an attractive women, yet I still had this problem for years.  Indeed it is my generation who goes to office jobs which resemble daycare more than they do places of work, I’ve even heard stories about parents getting progress reports on their children’s, their adult children’s, work performance.

Sit there and think about it for a second.  I’ve railed for years about how TV is subversive to parental authority, holding up toys and crap and subconciously telling kids that if their parents wont buy it for them, well maybe they shouldnt listen to their parents, and really then society wonders why a teenager can kill his parents, stuff them in a closet and then have a house party like nothing happened.  How do you think it happens, by kids getting subliminal messages constantly about how the commercialist society is all that is cool, putting the thought in their heads that anyone who stands in the way of them getting their newest toy, is a threat to their social standing, and then byy inference their well-being and very identity.  Really.

Add to this the techniques in parental discipline espoused these days.  First there is the reward system that teaches children to do things not because it is right or that they should just be doing, but rather because they are going to get something out of it.  If one really stops to think what this is teaching children, it is not good behavior although it masquerades as that, but rather to do things for a material reward.  It is actually morally corrupting to a child.  And anyone who has tried to wean their child off the reward system knows in the long run it back-fires, cause then the kids really wont do anything.  Plain and simple, the reward system is bribery, morally rotting bribery.

One of the other popular techniques is medicating problem children.  Now you all know, if you have read any of my blog, that I am vehemently opposed to the psychiatric drugging of children, for ADHD or anything else for that mattter, but here’s one more nail in the coffin for you.  In behavior modification experiments done by the military, in MKULTRA, drugs are used simultaneously with mental programming such as through a TV or even a video game, because the supposed “high” is associated with whatever visual stimulation is provided, resulting in Pavlovian conditioning that when put to nefarious purposes can give people a high from killing their fellow man.  It is all in the conditioning.

So for the last thirty years, we have sat our children in front of the TV, while some of them are medicated, with powerful psychotropic drugs, all the while the commercials are doing their subliminal message magic as they advertise the lastest “cool” violent video games.  These kids seek out these games because its been put in their head that it is what is cool, and so they sit in front of that, still while on their mind-altering drugs, for hours at a crack.  When they start misbehaving you cant physically discipline them, but rather are encouraged by state automatons who couldn’t think for themselves and connect the dots to save themselves, instead you are suppposed to bribe their good behavior, further morally corrupting them past the point of where they already were with the drugs, the violence and the subliminal messages.

Enter the defense department, 50% of the federal budget, the future of warfare and I dont know about you but I am starting to see this is what they want.  They want kids to grow up and have no scruples about killing people on a video game, because they is how they plan to have total hegemonic dominion and the Bilderbergers get their one world government.  Hell these children have been raised to respond to material rewards as a means to compliance so it no longer becomes a question of finding people willing to commit murder like its a game, but rather how much to pay them to get them on board.  Hitler Youth anyone?

Fifty percent of our budget, our budget that is about to default or worse has gone to the pentagon, for wars and for sick research projects such as MKULTRA, or genetic tampering creating things like the Mauntauk monster on Plum Island.  Hell our tax money is funding the use of depleted uranium weapons in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq.  Children over there are now being orn with serious neurological defects, and by that I mean being born with out a brain, or without eyes.  Yet we still have people believeing our war is justified.  As we bankrupt the nation, poison the world, commit atrocities that at the very least are as bad as what the Nazi’s did, this morally bankrupt society of ours cant put two and two together.  When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

Debts incurred in the manner in which our national debt has grown are something called odious debt.  A debt contract between two entities, be they sovreign countries or people, where one entity went in knowingly, under false pretenses and mislead the other, the debtor for the purpose of totalitarianism or other predatory causes, is a debt that does not have to be repaid.  It is a legal term, wtih legal precidents to boot.  Sound familiar.  We as a people were lied to about Sept 11, we were lied to about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we were put into debt intentionally by malicious corporate entities who sought to profit from death.   The tragedy of Sept 11 was used as  a ruse to dupe us into accepting our freedoms being taken away by the treasonous Patriot Act (and you should take it as a wake up call that they voted to extend it).  This whole time we have been lied to, lied to and our money stolen and used to commit henioous acts in our name. Legally, if someone takes me up on the Odious debt case, we the people do not owe that money, no Halliburton, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, the Oil companies Bush and Co, they owe the money, for they were the ones who went into the debt agreement knowingly misleading us.  Take that for your legal precedent US Department of Justice.  That would be something worthwhile, as opposed to the other crap you pass off as law and use to allow the president to do whatever.

I should be fair though.  It is not the previous administration who began the road we are well on our way on, these plans have been in place for years. 50 years to be exact, ever since we gave Nazis asylum in exchange for their scientific knowledge.  Just like the vaccines, “science” discovered by incalculable atrocity done to the jews.  Such knowledge is cursed because of what was done to attain it.  Is it any wonder we are where we are now?

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I love Anonymous

June 2, 2011 at 12:26 pm (environmental, medicine, oriental medicine, political, prophecy, psychology, Science, Uncategorized, vegetarianism)

So check this out.

I dont know if it was anonymous, the resourceful folks who hacked the Koch brothers, or someone else, but someone hacked into the news ticker at Fox news, the one that is on the side of the building readable to passerbys, and finally broadcasted some truth.  Little things like this brighten my day.  As much as there are folks in this town who want to make me feel isolated and alone, Im not.  There are thousands if not millions of “activists” out there, willing to risk life and limb to end tyranny and overthrow oppression.

I know that so many are afraid, but I tell you truly, do not be afriad.  In the words of FDR, the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.  I’ve said it before, the plutocrats in this country are the proverbial ‘man behind the curtian”, like the wizard of oz they use their subliminal message machines (the TV, oh yeah and watch out for radiation, it isnt just cell phones), and their mind control drugs to fool you into thinking they are more powerful than they really are.

The United States government is for the people, by the people, and the voice of the people, is the voice of God.  For all the influence corporations have in the government, the government is supposed to serve us.  For as powerful as both corporations and the feds may seem, they are fed by our money, they are dependent on us.  Regardless of how much technology, or planning they may have done, their strength is also their undoing, as this little clip about Fox news proves very eloquently.  Shake off the technology, earn less money so you no longer pay taxes, legally, stop shopping at the big box stores, and buy local.  Whatever it is that you do for a living, go into business for yourself.

Just a little aside about technology by the way.  It has come to light recently that cell phones can track your location at any moment, but did you know your car (even without Onstar) sends out a signal too?  Did you know that the converter boxes for the digital switchover can with little cameras and microphones in them?  Did you know that the CEO of comcast in 2008 came out and said that his company was working on software utilizing surveillence cameras in cable boxes to see who was watching, what they were watching and tailoring their ‘marketing experience” to the individuals taste.  You heard me, I’ve said it for years, your TV and cable box are looking back at you.  And you may wonder why I throw TV’s in there too, well it’s because the HDTV come equipped with the same technology.  And by the way, since when did ads become an “experience”, like your somehow supposed to enjoy them trying to sell you all sorts of junk?  Fahrenheit 451 anyone?  Or how about 1984?

Technology has its uses, case in point, you would not be reading my words without it, but when it becomes something we are dependent on, there is a problem.  All that we have built as a society, could be washed away in a second.  The recent storms and the tsunami that caused the worst nuclear incident in human history in Japan are proof of that.  We must understand that we are an infant race, and we truly are ignorant of the power of nuclear technology, seismic weaponry and the HAARP technology that controls the weather.  The greed, anger, hatred and egotism that is the real driving force behind the development of these weapons, which are a perversion of the power of God, do not have the faculties to realize that in the end, when everyone has weaponry like this, we will destroy the planet.  As we speak right now, we are all absorbing higher than normal radiation, as what they do not tell you is that the radiation from Fukishima has been blowing our way since the core melted down hours after the Tsunami, carried by the Gulf Stream, and raining down on us with every storm.

Mark my words in the next 20 years, if we even make it that long, cancer and sterility rates will go through the roof.  As a healer I am honor bound to tell you these things, just as I am honor bound to tell you that a strict diet of brown rice, kelp, wakame, and miso, in addition haikiido pumpkin is what saved the medical personnel that worked in the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Also, I’ve said it many a time, but even more so now, stay the hell away from sugar and refined grain.  It destroys the blood, it destroys immunity, and your body is in for the fight of it’s life, dont make it work any harder than it has too by feeding it what is in essence a poison.

If you the reader are still afriad to stand up, all I have to say is this.  Death comes to us all eventually.  And when you look into the eyes of the ultimate horror, it does not matter how much money you made, what your social position was, or what house you lived in.  What matters is what you did with the time you were given alive.  We are not all born heroes, so not all are required to commit great acts of self-sacrifice, but when one only lives for themselves, they doom themselves.  It does not come from any external force, but rather from within.  Heaven and Hell are places within you, they are states of mind, heaven being when one has reconciled all parts and achieved union within, and hell is where all those parts that make up a human are in conflict.  Fear is a sign of lack of moral character, lack of moral character betrays a deep conflict within the psyche, and that disunion is hell itself.  So as you sit afriad, know that you have already brought the hell upon you.  Look around, what you fear to stand up against is rapidly tightening the noose around your neck anyway.  These people would kill you, so really was is there to fear in standing up for yourself?  We’re all dead men in the end anyway.

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Wausau Water Permits and Effluent Limits

May 24, 2011 at 1:26 pm (Central Wisconsin, environmental, Science, Uncategorized, Wausau, Wisconsin)

Well when I said at my now infamous Golden Kiwanis speech that I had the city of Wausau water permits on my hard drive, within a few days, my computer crashed fatally.  Once again it was hacked.  And I bet you bastards thought that you took the water permits with my poor hard drive.  Wrong.  Here for all to see, because you assholes made such a stink in trying to shut me up is the truth of what is really in the water around here.

So I tried to fix the formatting problem and I fear I am a bit of an ignoramus when it comes to tech stuff (hello hippie).  I managed to upload the water permit at the bottom, but it is a link.  Click on it, the water permit should come up, if not will someone please comment and let me know.  As to the effluent limits, I will post a link to that too. With the water permit, it is not what was is in there that is questionable, it’s what isn’t.  No readings for mercury listed when the effluent limits clearly state that there is ten times the amount of mercury in the water than there should be.


Effluent Limits link

final Wausau Report

Water Permit Link


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EPA Grant

April 13, 2011 at 6:04 pm (environmental, political, Science, Wisconsin)

Well, we didnt get it as we failed to outline a collaberative process enough, but for y’alls edification I figured I post it here.  For the record, I wrote this, with no help from my fellow Commission members.  If anything certain folks tried to stop this grant from ever happening.  But it did, and it went to the EPA so they know.  And I have to laugh, the reason the collaborative process wasnt outlined, was that there was none.  I had to fight all the way to the end to get the truth out.



Working for a Greener Tomorrow in Wausau

EPA CARE Grant Proposal


Commission Background


In 2007, with the goal of increasing awareness of sustainability issues in the area, a number of Wausau residents, with the cooperation of the mayor and City Hall, created The Commission for a Greener Tomorrow, an ad hoc committee of the city government in Wausau. Core members of the Commission address issues directly related to sustainability and environmental conservation including: waste and recycling; transportation; air, land and water quality; and locally-produced organic food. The Commission’s goals are to reduce waste, to promote sustainable lifestyles, to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices community wide, and also to capture cost savings wherever feasible. Recent accomplishments include: passage of a city ordinance for outdoor events by the Wausau City Council; “Clean It Up Wausau,” a city-wide recycling program instituted for harder to recycle items (e.g., electronics, etc.); intermediation with one of our collaborators, SOAR, and WE Energies to replace a coal-fired facility with a biomass one; a comprehensive study of local environmental threats; negotiation with the city mayor to begin a district heating system that would provide free heat to residents in downtown Wausau; construction of a community garden in conjunction with a local elementary school to teach children sustainable gardening practices; a petition for a regional transit authority that would provide area-wide public bus coverage; discussion regarding design and implementation of a sustainability plan for the City of Wausau; and continued input regarding completion of the area system of bike/pedestrian trails.

Description of the Proposed Project Area

Geographically, this area of Marathon County is distinguished by the Wisconsin River and the Monod Nocks, small mountainous hills. A major tributary of the Mississippi River, the Wisconsin River in the proposed area is interspersed with several small waterfalls, rapids and dams. Meanwhile, the Monod Nocks, made from granite and quartzite, are some of the oldest geological formations in North America, and they serve as buffers against tornadoes and other severe weather in the area.

Our project area not only will cover metropolitan Wausau, but also the surrounding communities including: Brokaw, Kronenwetter, Mosinee, Rib Mountain, Rothschild, Schofield and Weston. Wausau serves as the county seat. Within the project area’s 20 square miles resides approximately 94,000 people, with the majority of population situated in Wausau and the seven mentioned municipalities. Economically where there is prosperity to go around, many people live below the poverty line in Wausau, with some even being homeless.

Wausau is known as the ‘gateway to the Pineries’ because the Bull Falls and Little Bull Falls forest landscapes were once completely dominated by pine trees the size of California redwood trees. In the wake of white settlement, lumber became the predominant industry. The Upper Great Lakes Keystone forest (a.k.a., the Northwoods) still survives here in Marathon County, but it is a shadow of what the Native American tribes knew. Finally, mineral deposits include gold, silver, copper and iron.

Identified Environmental Issues


Wausau and the surrounding Northwoods are a beautiful and enchanting place. However, this locale faces a number of challenges, and it is the Commission’s aim to neutralize as many of these as possible so that our home environment can be placed on the path back towards its former ecological glory.

Major threats to air quality come from local industries. As an example, one of the area’s biggest point source polluters is the Weston Power Facility, which added a massive coal-fired generator four years ago despite substantial public outcry and opposition. All four of Weston’s generators are some of the country’s dirties coal-fired power-generating facilities. The Sierra Club recently sued Weston for violating (federal?) air emission opacity standards, with the facility’s thick emission clouds impairing visibility for highway traffic as well as creating coal ash deposits that people are continually clearing from their private properties downwind from the facility. In addition, the Weston Power Complex produces half the area’s hazardous lead pollution, half its hazardous chromium pollution, and all its hazardous mercury pollution. When combined with all other local industrial facilities, there is almost two million pounds of pollutants spewed annually into our breathable air. Many of these chemicals are known mutagens, presenting reproductive, developmental and neurological harm to our citizens in the form of mental disorders, cancer, etc. Figure 1 summarizes the key chemical pollutants observed in our project area.

Figure #1

: Key Airborne Pollutants found in the Wausau/Marathon County Atmosphere 




Pounds Annually 




Pounds Annually 


Ammonia  35,392  Dioxin  1.31 (grams) 
Lead  39,229  Manganese  152,492 
Mercury  389  Methanol  112,253 
Nitrates  802,684  Barium  319,338 
Formaldehyde  2033  Chromium  21,158 
Copper  103,474  Hydrochloric Acid  61,300 
Hydrogen Fluoride  32,000  Polycyclic Aromatics  30 
Sulfuric Acid  73,068  Vanadium  31,493 
Zinc  47,090  Cobalt  229 
1,2,4 Trimethylbenzene  549  Glycol Ethers  3367 
Dimethyl Phthalate  3172  Ethylbenzene  2401 
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone  1994  Toluene  6284 
Xylene  19,308  Styrene  15,058 
Diethanolamine  9663  Nitric Acid  500 
Acetaldehyde  6550  Catechol  7 
Chlorine  1517  Phenol  5045 


Source: EPA 2009


In addition, many residents utilize wood burning stoves as there is abundant timber. While timber is more environment-friendly than coal or oil, there are no practical emission controls or monitors for the particulates released from these stoves or pollution from motor vehicles. Stunningly, in spite of almost 100,000 people living in the Wausau area, there is no local ambient air monitor. The closest one is 30 miles away. Thus, there are no reliable numbers for exactly what people are breathing in around here. Unfortunately, a lack of data leads to total local ignorance. A recent Life survey, conducted by the Marathon County United Way, revealed that no one knew whether any air quality advisories had been issued for the area over the last four years or not. In reality, the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) air program indicated that approximately 20 advisories had been issued over that time span, based on data from an air monitor 30 miles away from Wausau’s myriad industrial polluters.

Shifting focus from air to strictly water pollution, the biggest threat to local drinking water is the non-attainment of mercury levels in the Wisconsin River and the city’s supply, primarily from the aforementioned Weston power generating station. In addition, there is a local Superfund site, Wauleco, which leaks pentachlorophenol into our water supply. For the most part, levels are dropping off, but there are periodic spikes and people are unwittingly drinking unacceptable levels of mercury and pentachlorophenol. Furthermore, as noted in Figure 1, the Wausau area also has a chromium contamination problem. The nationally publicized Environmental Working group water quality study recently highlighted the extremely poor drinking water, which included large local amounts of the carcinogenic chromium, in Wisconsin. Wausau City Water permits list testing for this chemical, but the last test was conducted almost two years ago. The WDNR estimates from its data that it is highly likely that chromium water levels have frequently spiked over the safe limit for human consumption.

Another problem within our local area stems from water management. The Wisconsin River is the hardest working river in the country due to heavy damming, 25 hydros and 29 dams. 21 storage reservoirs, with the Eau Pleine reservoir holding 20% of our water. In the proposed 20 square mile grant coverage area alone, there are four dams: in Brokaw, in downtown Wausau, in the Eau Pleine Reservoir of Mosinee, and then in downtown Mosinee. One complication with any dam is the increased acidification that occurs as the held back water becomes stagnant, leading to fungal outbreaks. Just within the last few years, several Blastomycosis outbreaks suspiciously occurred around the water, although no firm link has been established yet. A second complication arises from the fact that several dams are built over naturally occurring rapids on the Wisconsin River, which drastically impedes the natural aeration that occurs within a naturally free-flowing waterway. Two major fish kills in the Eau Pleine Reservoir dam have occurred; both are directly linked to reduced aerated oxygen in their water habitat.

Finally, the Wisconsin River carries off massive amounts of agricultural run-off. There is a limit of 100ug/L phosphorus for all rivers south of Rhinelander (to the north of us). Water Phosphorus levels in the proposed grant coverage area are Wausau 70, Eau Claire River 103(Schofield/Weston), Rib River 102(Rib Mountain), Rothschild 87, Mosinee 82, Big Eau Pleine 325ug/L(Mosinee). There is an alarming trend of “mega” dairy farms springing up in the local area. Serious animal cruelty concerns abound in connection with these operations, but for this proposal, the Commission wishes to highlight serious health, and run off concerns that come with disposal of such large amounts of animal waste in areas where plant cultivation run off already is at or over limit.

With dams inhibiting the river’s natural speed and/or aeration capabilities, huge algae blooms are cropping up, destroying indigenous aquatic life and natural environmental aesthetics. For example, a recreational boat trip on the river is now a very smelly and disgusting experience, due to toxic algae blooms. “River rash” occurs to swimmers in the Wisconsin River, a by product of the pollution and algae. Finally, the natural lake that forms out of the Wisconsin River in our area, known as Lake Wausau, is losing water. What was once a sparkling blue lake is now rapidly turning into a marsh. While the ongoing drought to the north is certainly not helping to stem the decline, the case can be made that the massively dammed river and, therefore, inhibited water cycle is causing the stagnant, non-aerated water 1) to become covered with algae and 2) to slowly seep into the sediment and eventually drain away.

Land in this area is not immune to threats either, with the biggest being deforestation. As stated before, the local economy was built around the lumber industry. The Commission for a Greener Tomorrow is pleased to report that many of the largest local paper conglomerates now use sustainable forestry practices that are strictly monitored by the WDNR. However, sadly the damage done from previous generations who did not follow proper conservation procedures, along with current logging by smaller less regulated outfits, is still painfully evident. The Northwoods are being logged at the astounding rate of 116 million board feet of lumber per year (Greenpeace, 2006). At the current rate, the forest may be gone in as little as 45 years! The precious little forest that remains is, according to WDNR statistics, currently 40% of its original coverage. Additionally, much of the surrounding land is currently under an invasion from out-of-state recreational visitors who buy acreage and then do not respect local ecology or sustainable forestry practices. As a result, these smaller parcels fragment the greater whole, leading overall to a weakened and more vulnerable ecosystem. Forest populations of trees are highly skewed towards deciduous species when these local forests should be primarily coniferous, specifically White and Red pine, Arborvitae, Black spruce, Eastern hemlock and Canadian yew. Although local companies have adopted sustainable forest conservation, old growth forest is practically non-existent. Where it does exist, old growth trees are very threatened. Thus, our local forests are, on the whole, relatively young. Most of what stands today is a result of work done by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930s.

With regards to cleared land, there is widespread use of unsustainable agricultural practices. To illustrate, local (Wisconsin Department?) agriculture offices still encourage use of chemical fertilizers, which invariably end up in the local drinking water supply, as well as dangerous pesticides, including the bee-killing Clothianidin which is manufactured by Bayer. Fortunately, there is a healthy organic farm movement locally, but greater pressure needs to be applied to the more traditional farms so that these more sustainable practices become the norm, not the exception.

Mining is potentially an issue in our area as well. Already, quarries that were or are run by the 3M Corporation contribute half of the area’s lead and chromium pollution, with the downtown site, next to a city park, and in the middle of a lower income residential neighborhood. Rib Mountain itself was mined leaving a massive stone cutout on the west side of the mountain, visible from the highway. Indeed it was at one point a uranium mine. There is a serious concern regarding radon as many homes contain elevated levels of this element, most likely emanating from the area’s extensive deposits of quartzite and uranium. Most people are still unaware of the risks of radon to their health. In Easton, a town ten miles east of Wausau, there is the possibility of a gold mine, although what mining practices to be employed in the extraction process are as of yet unknown. The fear is that whatever is done will greatly affect the surrounding landscape and groundwater. The Northwoods have previously suffered exploitation and deprivation under operations run by Kennecott Minerals and the Rio Tinto Group. Water tests independently confirmed Rio Tinto’s destruction of water quality in the Flambeau Indian Reservation, despite the Group’s statements denying such allegations. More recently, the Rio Tinto Group is encroaching on more Native American land; this time, mining Eagle Rock, a sacred religious site. In general, it is the belief of the Commission for a Greener Tomorrow that big corporate interests are drawn to this area because the leadership of these companies believes that they can capitalize on people’s ignorance and the lax environmental standards. Thus, it is important to the Commission that the environment is safeguarded with proper oversight of these companies’ mining practices.

A recurrent theme that faces any large group of people settled in any area is waste disposal – more specifically, trash disposal. Landfill space is an issue, and a comprehensive recycling program is lacking in the proposed project area. The City of Wausau does recycle, but it is not mandatory for residents to do so, resulting in a haphazard and incomplete process. There is no recycling available for aluminum foil or Styrofoam; there is scant education about the dangers of disposing CFL’s in the regular trash. Without the Commission’s efforts, very little effort would have been exerted in properly disposing of/recycling electronic and other hazardous waste.

As one might imagine, all of these identified issues have serious consequences for the health and overall well-being of area residents. To begin with, there are elevated lead levels in local children’s bloodstreams, possibly the result of old lead-based paint chipping off the walls of many inhabited homes but also the 39,000 pounds of lead polluting the local environment each year. Very little has been done to date to educate the public about why they and their children are suffering from cancer, heart disease, developmental retardation, autism and other health problems at staggeringly high rates. Indeed, in the last three years, another major hospital was built within the project area to supplement services offered by the already standing Wausau Hospital and the state-run healthcare facility for mental illness and the mentally disabled. This makes three major healthcare facilities for a population of just over 94,000. The high percentage of mentally disabled and disturbed patients in our area is very striking to anyone not native to the area. In fact, the local comprehensive government future plan for our area lists as its number one priority the reduction in the number of special needs citizens. Unfortunately, little is done by the local governments to solve this substantial public health problem, perhaps as a result of widespread nepotism that caters to the interests of industry rather than individuals.

Another vastly under-reported health concern is exposure to ozonation and high ELF/EMF levels from electricity. High-voltage power lines originate from Wausau’s hydroelectric dam, crisscross the downtown district, and then run through nearby residential neighborhoods. The easterly power line from the Weston generating facility can be heard buzzing on a regular basis as it runs through a major shopping area parking lot. To the west, the massive Arrowhead line, a 345-kV component of the highly controversial Weston 4 generator, cuts through not only Nine Mile County Forest, but also runs through homeowners’ backyards. To the Commission’s knowledge, nothing was done to educate these people regarding potential ELF/EMF health risks before Weston used eminent domain to force construction. With old wiring in a majority of our homes, it is doubtful that many have the proper electrical insulation to mitigate the problem. Along with radiation from cellular phones, computers and the like, high ELF/EMF exposure results in cancer and leukemia, spikes in blood serum triglycerides, increased stress, disrupted pineal gland function and insomnia resulting in interference with melatonin production, and dishearteningly high levels of depression and suicide among our local populations.

Proposed Solutions

Solutions to local energy air and water quality issues.

As the current electrical grid and power generating facilities are major contributors to the adverse environmental issues listed above, it is the primary goal of the Commission to initiate energy conservation measures for Wausau and surrounding areas. In addition to applying a portion of the possible $100,000 CARE grant, settlement funds from the Arrowhead-Weston/Weston 4 construction project could augment the feasibility of these energy initiatives. A more detailed budget for the proposed funds is as follows:


Many homes in this area are in dire need of proper weatherization. Many are not even insulated, with old drafty windows that invite mold growth. The Commission for a Greener Tomorrow is actively courting the North Central Community Action Program (NCCAP) as a prospective partner. The NCCAP has extensive experience in upgrading low-income housing, providing weatherproofed windows and doors as well as energy efficient appliances to their clients. In partnership with the NCCAP, the Commission hopes to develop a plan that will expand these services to also address badly needed electrical and insulation upgrades in these structures. This investment, hopefully, will yield increased efficiency, lessening electricity needs in those homes.


The Commission would next plan and coordinate a grassroots effort to educate local residents regarding risks associated with ELF/EMF, and potential steps they can take to lessen their exposure. Commission members would encourage homeowners to reduce their electricity consumption and/or to use it more wisely, such as using floor breaker boxes which reduce power to sleeping quarters when in use. Education of our residents would go towards reduction of ELF/EMF risks, including restoration of more normal sleep cycles and improved health.


Once these energy efficiency measures are in place, the Commission for a Greener Tomorrow will turn its attention to working with the Wausau City Council in order to update local ordinances that allow metal roofs. The proposed partner contractor on this initiative is Kulps of Stratford, a firm experienced in installing solar panel photovoltaics which requires metal roofs to support the needed roofing shingles. Once the ordinance modifications have been made, the Commission will then use the multi-millionaire dollar Arrowhead-Weston settlement fund to subsidize conversion of houses to solar power, free to the homeowners.


Over the long term, the Commission for a Greener Tomorrow hopes to reduce or eliminate the need for the Weston 4 power generator, which commission members believe should have never been built in the first place. Between increased environmental pressure and decreased economic incentives from fewer customers, the Commission hopes to actively petition for the reduction in the number of area transmission lines, which would benefit the environment through a cessation in blowing off entire mountaintops for coal extraction and improve residents’ health through reduced levels of electricity entering area homes.


Finally, the stage could be set for reduced reliance on Wausau’s hydroelectric dam. Complete removal would be nice, as well as removal of the other area dams, but this action must be fully researched and discussed to establish a consensus in the area. There are no conclusive studies available detailing how water levels would change or what path the newly freed river would follow. A next step would be to apply for a Level 2 EPA CARE grant so that the Commission could have the appropriate research done. Aesthetically, it would be nice if people could witness the return of Bull Falls within their lifetimes, a natural sight not experienced since residents’ great-grandfathers’ time.

A Comprehensive approach needs to be undertaken to mitigate the huge Ag run off problem in our area. UWEX has already undertaken a public awareness campaign, as well as encouraging the use of rain barrels and rain gardens. We at the Commission would like to work with them to help in this campaign, offering our knowledge and experience on the subject to expand upon the amount of people reached. We would also like to begin a dialogue with the City and county regarding this issue and how we can address this problem collaboratively.

Air Quality Monitoring and Cleanup 


It is imperative that an air monitor be installed locally. The Commission has had extensive conversations with the WDNR regarding this need, and we have learned that WDNR’s funding is severely limited. They would enthusiastically help us install a PPM 2.5, a PPM 10, or a monitor that combines both course particulates measurements, but the Commission would need to provide funds to purchase the equipment. Additionally, the Commission would like to test air lead levels. Kits are available from Merck; the Commission deeply believes that it is imperative to have accurate data as to what people are breathing into their lungs in the greater Wausau area.


The Commission for a Greener Tomorrow would like to finish an exhaustive review of all area industrial permits. To date, we have not had the money to afford this tedious process, but it is important to determine exactly what workers and people are really breathing. The Commission would like to fund an intern position whose responsibility would be to conclude the work already begun. Using this data, Commission members would like to work with local industrial leadership to develop effective solutions to counter polluting emissions, including exploring ways that these industries can install scrubbers and other pollution-controls above and beyond what is mandated for the environment in the state of Wisconsin.

Developing technologies to lower air emissions furtherSome problems faced by our communities stem from a lack of technology research and development. Another possible responsibility for a CARE funded intern would be development of two engineering design competitions to be held at a future date.


The first competition would seek to control not only wood stove, but also car emissions. The contest would seek winners who have developed technologies for use in reducing emissions from these sources while minimizing or reversing environmental harm.


A second engineering design challenge would focus on finding ways to scaling diesel DC electric motors from trains down to the car level at the least. Current automobile fuel efficiency, even including hybrids, pales in comparison to the 400 mpg observed in these train motors. Wausau is not only home to Marathon Electric/Regal-Beloit, a company that tests and develops train motors, but also several machine shops and repair facilities that service these kinds of motors. Thus, the technical potential and talent exists. Potential additional benefits from developing this contest would include creation of jobs, joint patent ownership on any winning technologies, possible reduction in need for foreign oil and gasoline in this area, increased utilization of the bio-diesel station here in Wausau, and destruction of the myth that environmentalists care only about trees and not about jobs.

Reforestation, District Heating and Other Solutions for Land Use


In association with the USDA and the Arbor Day Foundation, the Commission would like to assist in re-planting of native tree species in North Central Wisconsin. A possible use for CARE funds would be to subsidize this project. A funded Commission intern could research the layout of forests in Marathon County. In partnership with the WDNR, the Commission could use the resulting information in coordinating re-planting efforts towards rejoining forest fragments towards a healthy whole arboreal ecosystem. The Commission would also like to investigate programs that offer food-producing berry bushes and fruit trees to Wausau urban residents.


The Commission would also like to expand its current K-12 educational efforts to a more formal program with the Wausau School District so that area students can have access to community gardens that not only provide them food, but also educate them in how to produce their own sustenance. On a larger scale, the Commission wants to work with local agricultural offices to update their advising information and practices in 1) discouraging local use of Clothianidin, 2) encouraging organic sustainable agriculture, 3) expanding USDA programs that assist area unemployed residents in starting their very own small family farms, and 4) establishing temporary run-off ditches for agricultural run-off while more permanent solutions are implemented to save aquatic life and increased water quality.


The Commission would like to oversee the expansion of area recycling programs. In addition, the Commission wants to renew its dialogue with City Hall regarding district heating, using burnable garbage as fuel. This practice could cut landfill deposits substantially. Through a renegotiation of the city’s contract with Veolia Waste Management Services in order to facilitate this district heating program to the Wausau area, the Commission hopes to create a proverbial “nail in the coffin” for coal as the primary energy provider in our area.


The Commission would like to explore any options that would aid in the cleanup of the Wauleco Superfund site.

Solutions for Local Health Concerns/Raising AwarenessTimeline

We expect to know if we have been approved by September, so we will begin when we are approved.

By December of 2011 we hope to have purchased and/or installed the air monitor with the DNR, as well as beginning of various PR campaigns (Ag run-off, pesticides, area pollutants etc)

From Jan 2012 to June 2012 we will begin the weatherization initiative. Including working at sites to help with energy upgrades. We fully expect this to be repeated at a later date, as the program gains success and exposure.

July 2012 to October 2012 we would plant trees. So this includes all planning, media and the like, as well as the actually going to sites to plant.

November 2012 to December 2012 we would conduct a thorough audit of monies spent and work done. From there we would like to continue on.

Responsible party for executing the plans outlined in our grant will be our vice-chair, who reports to not only the Commission but the EPA as well. With a stipend of $10,000 she will be responsible for overseeing implementation of these ideas.


The people of this area have a right to know why they are really getting sick and even if they still choose to expose themselves to hazardous chemicals and radiation, then they at least will do so aware of the risks. With aid from the EPA, the Commission hopes to educate our citizens about what industrial pollution is doing to them, what it is doing to their children, or what it is doing to their ability to have future children. This is perhaps the greatest challenge for our plan because there is considerable opposition and inertia within local government, some of which is supported by area companies that would prefer to maintain the status quo. It is our hope that we can reach out to at least one of the area medical conglomerates and the Marathon County Board of Health to find ways to smash through this massive hurdle.


The Commission is seriously contemplating founding its own free newspaper in order to get the word about pollution and its attendant health problems out to area citizens. This resource, either in hard copy or online format, would help to circumvent some local media outlets which are controlled and owned by large corporate interests here in Marathon County. We already have our website which can be modified for registration in the programs we hope to start, as well as being the likely choice for a newsletter. In conjunction with the city newsletter we feel confident that we have the ability to get the word out where we need to, and through the proper channels. We have already perused the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory, and will continue to source much of our research through the EPA’s wealth of data and experience.


The Commission is committed to exploring additional options that promote healthful living within Marathon County. We would focus on education efforts with both the Marathon County Board of Health and area school districts that highlight the role of nutrition in disease and health, the immune enhancing capabilities of whole grains, the detrimental effects of pesticide-laden and overly processed foods on the human bodies as well as the ecosystem, the hazards of powerful prescription drugs whose long-term effects are unknown but are linked damage in the liver, kidneys and brain, and periodically end up in city water supplies because they were improperly disposed of, and finally radiation and electromagnetic risks inherent in Western medical technology.

Conclusion/Possible Partners

Obviously, within the 10-page proposal limit, the Commission for a Greener Tomorrow has merely outlined its ideas for putting this grant to effective and efficient use in Marathon County. We seek to extract maximum benefit for our citizens, and realize that this grant is but a first step towards achieving the Commission’s goals. Thus, we understand that this grant, if awarded, will fund some of our proposed solutions. The Commission also wishes to mention that, given the short time between becoming aware of this grant program and its due date, we have not had the ability to finalize our proposed partnerships. Fortunately, during the three years of the Commission’s existence, its members have been able to forge relationships with these area groups, laying the groundwork for future collaborations. The Commission is confident that these arrangements will reach fruitful partnerships; we simply have not had enough time to formalize these agreements. The following list details those groups we are already working with or hope to be working with in the near future.


Save Our Air Resources

Possible Partners

Big Eau Pleine Citizens Organization

Back to Eden

Lake Wausau Association

Friends of Rib Mountain

North Central Community Action Program

City of Wausau

Wausau School District

DC Everest School District

Marathon County Board of Health


UW-Marathon County

Central Wisconsin Alliance for Sustainability

River Alliance of Wisconsin

Midwest Renewal Energy Association

Regal Beloit

Focus on Energy

Arbor Day Foundation

The Commission has aimed very high, and this grant proposal reflects its members’ tireless devotion to addressing all dimensions of community environmental cleanup, renewal and maintenance in Marathon County. It is our sincere hope that the merit and comprehensiveness of our holistic ideas uniquely distinguish us from other candidates. We are very confident in our ability to achieve our goals, however long that may take. Thank you for your generous time and consideration of our proposal; we greatly hope to be working with you in the very near future.


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Nuclear Power

April 13, 2011 at 6:00 pm (environmental, political, prophecy, Science, Wisconsin)

As much as it may be a little belated, I feel the need to weigh in on the subject of nuclear power.  As with all big corporate interests in this country, a lot of money is dumped into making this power source seem an effective and viable alternative to coal.  But the truth is that no matter how much effort is made by PR firms to make this very dangerous and dirty means of power seem the opposite, the events in Japan clearly illustrate the reality.

Most people are probably aware of the issue in Japan right now.  The cooling system has been damaged in two of the reactors, and to my knowledge they still have not gotten the thing under control.  What you may not be aware of is that today there was a malfunction in a reactor in South Korea, just as in the last few months there have been at least two incidents in the US, one in Pennsylvania at the reactor “Susquehanna 1”, and in Vermont, where there was a radioactive leak into the river from the cooling unit there.  People know about 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl, but what they may not know is that the area around Chernobyl is still so radioactively hot no one can get in there.  What is even more grisly is that one of those reactors is still online, as no one could get in there to shut it off.  This was years ago, so maybe something finally was done, but the point remains, as does the radioactivity.

The spent fuel rods of nuclear reactors have a half-life of thousands of years.  Meaning containment has to be provided for that long, because the rods can melt down, and cause massive radioactive containmination of the groundwater.  As if the mercury and chromium wasnt enough.  These things can be stored right in your backyard or on public lands.  Imagine that, spent fuel rods in our national forests.  Locally most people do not know that not only was there a uranium mine on Rib Mountain, but that Wisconsin Public Service is now a subsidiary of Integrys Energy,a company out of Illinois, who has a at least one nuclear facility in Door County.  With what they did forcing Weston 4 on the people around here, can you imagine what would happen if they got a wild hair up their behind to build a nuclear facility???

The true issue here is the same one as it always has been with the issue of energy, entitlement.  People think they are entitled to have every single light on in there home, TV’s on every floor, a blackberry and a computer.  There is no thought as to what goes in to manufacture these technologies, what price is paid to power them, as well as the health hazards of being immersed in a bath of electromagnetic radiation constantly.  These new shiny things are held up as the proverbial carrot on the stick to get people to buy into the farsical American Dream, and spend their lives a slave to the corporate system.  I am reminded of the Hopi Prophecy, the nine signs of white feather.  One of the signs of the end of this age, is ash raining from the heavens like snow.  It is widely believed this should be interpreted as nuclear winter.

I pray for those in Japan, who have already seen the hell caused by the atomic bomb.  May the world learn, before it is too late.

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Some basics of natural medicine and herbalism

February 4, 2011 at 5:25 pm (herbalism, medicine, natural medicine, oriental medicine, psychiatry, Science, vegetarianism)

In my continuing fight against big pharma and their attempts to hook everyone on dangerous drugs, I feel it necessary to put out there basics of natural health, so my post is divided into two parts, one, being a overview of the principles of oriental medicine, ie food as medicine, and then secondly, a basic list of herbs useful in treating common ailments.

To begin with Oriental medicine is a medical system dating over 3000 years.  For us westerners we are accustomed to decrying medical systems that old as the product of the dark ages, but the dark ages were only in the west, the arabic and oriental nations maintained their direct lineages from the time of the ancients and contrary to popular belief, the ancients knew much more about healing than modern sources are willing to give them credit for.  To their credit they did maintain something akin to the scientific method, and through thousands of years of direct observation, compiled an incredibly effective system of medicine free of radically invasive procedures and destabilizing drugs.

Oriental medicine is based off of Taoist thought, so the interplay of opposite forces (yin and yang) resulting in a dynamic balance that is greater than the sum total of its parts.  The I Ching and Feng Shui are also examples of Taoist contributions to society.  Building upon this premise of balance between yin and yang, is five element theory.  It is through this basic framework that all ailments can be treated by natural methods.

Yin can be defined as substances that have a cooling or sedative effect, whereas yang are foods that have a warming or energizing effect.  As the interplay of these two is cyclical, it is possible for some foods to “switch”, the most obvious example of this being very hot peppers, who start out as warming, but because they are so hot, they act as a diaphoretic (makes  you sweat) and as a result are cooling in the long run.

Five element theory is not only the five elements of taoist thought, but the five organ systems as well, they are as follows:


liver/gall bladder/wood,




 The cycle begins with the kidneys as the foundation and in the creation cycle runs through the systems in the order given.  Each organ system is dependent on the health of the ones next to it so if a person has a stopped up unhealthy liver (as most westerners do), it will affect not only their kidneys, but their heart and mind as well.  The kidneys and heart are linked, as to much water extinguishes fire, etc.

There are secondary organ systems included with each major organ system and they are as follows,

water-bladder/sex organs/bone/hearing/urine,

 wood-gall bladder/eyes/tendons/tears,

 fire-small intestine/blood vessels/speech/sweat,


metal-large intestine/nose/mucus/skin and colon. 

 There are emotions associated with each organ system as well and listed after are the “virtues” if you will to balance this emotion;

water-fear/keeping moral precepts,


fire-joy/wisdom and concentration,

earth-worry and anxiety/giving,


There are tastes associated with each organ system, as in certain flavors affect each organ system, listed are examples of food containing these flavors as well as food to maintain normal function of each system, as well as the season when these foods should be emphasized in the diet;

water/kidney(black and blue)-salty, winter-miso, soy sauce, seaweeds, salt, millet and barley.  In addition beans and protein should be emphasized in the winter months.  Also it is important to eat foods that help the heart and mind as well, as there is a link between the kidneys and heart.

wood/liver(green and brown)-sour, spring-lemon, lime, apple cider vinegar, leek, sauerkraut, pickles, apple (especially green), blackberry, grape.  Also algae (chlorella or spirulina), Omega oils coming from flax, borage and evening primrose, romaine lettuce and sprouts, wheat and oats.

fire/heart-mind(red and orange)-bitter, summer-romaine, sprouts, rye, citrus peel, radish leaf, scallions, white pepper, celery, asparagus, quinoa and apple cider vinegar.  Also algae, omega oils as listed above, tomatos, bell and hot peppers, cucumber, summer squash, mushrooms, corn and amaranth.

earth/spleen/digestion (yellow and brown)-sweet, late summer, early fall-corn, yellow summer squash, begin winter squash, begin warming spices (fennel, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger onion family etc), potatos, millet and barley.

metal/lungs (gold and white)-pungent, fall-rice, winter squash, onions and tubers, pungent/warming spices as listed above)

It should be obvious that there is carry through on these seasonal nutrition choices, there is no set date where you end eating for one season and begin the next, it is a gradual transition, and it really depends on what is seasonally available, and what your body craves.   It should go without saying that you want to get as high quality food as possible, free range and hormone free meat and dairy, organically grown, whole grain, whole food.  If possible eat the skins of what you consume, as there are immune enhancing minerals in the skin.  The adage goes as such “those who eat food with no clothes, will also have no clothes”.  It should also be noted that we are what we eat, and eating GMO or factory farm meat where there is massive suffering involved will meld with your mind, and affect your health.

In addition to making proper nutrional choices, there are some herbs that help with specific conditions, and they are listed below;

chamomile-helps cool both the liver and heart mind.  Beneficial for cleansing (diuretic) as well as wind disorders, such as ADHD, bipolar, as well as allieviating the underlying causes of depression(stopped up liver)

burdock-benefical for weight loss as it dries up fatty accumulations in the liver, together with red clover it as a powerful diet aid.  Drying, would want to consider adding fruit or something of the like to the diet to combat any dryness that might arise.

pau d’arco-destroys yeast in the body, can be taken internally, as well as made into a tea for douching purposes.  Also drying.

valerian-powerful sedative, warming. 

schizandra berries-cleansing to heart/mind.  Source of ying or life essence, ie foundational energy of the body, aids longevity.

fenugreek-warming, aids lactation, renews mucus membranes, affects lungs

yarrow-diaphoretic/induces sweating.  helpful for cleaning out heart/mind, as well as the treatment of diabetes (together with bran and omegas).  Purported aid in the development of psychic powers.

horsetail-high silica content, aids in restoration of teeth and bones, aids in formation of integrity.

scullcap-anti-anxiety nervine (affects heart and mind), sedative.

nettle-cooling, aids in mucus membrane renewal and as such affects the lungs.  Also high ying content, aids longevity and is also purported to aid in psychic development, including levitation.

comfrey-immensly effective in the treatment of muscular injuries and strains.  Made into a compress can alleiviate just about any cramp, strain or tear.

algae (chlorella and spirulina)-mana, one of the most nutritionally complete foods with ample amounts of highly digestible protien.  Together with brown rice this is what was given to concentration camp victims and other victims of severe starvation.  Algae is very cooling, contains high amounts of Omega oils, magnesium to repair muscles and cures such things as restless legs and muscle cramps.

Kelp-nutrionally also very valuable, moistens dryness as well as very cooling

Garlic-natural antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.  Warming.  Use fresh garlic.  Also chelates (removes heavy metals such as lead, aluminum and mercury)

Cilantro-mild sedative as well as chelates, together with garlic and algae, it can be used to treat the toxic metal buildup in associated with Autism.

Oregano-warming, also anti-bacterial.  Useful for sinus and bronchial infections if put in a bowl of hot water and the steam is inhaled.  If using for this purpose, add nettle to balance its warming effect

Red clover-blood purifyer together with burdock

marijuana-useful in the treatment of neurological disorders where calming is needed, and severe liver and mental damage due to prescription psychiatric drugs.  High in EFA’s (omega oils), and is beneficial in certain eye disorders.  Cooling and overuse can lead to a “spacy” personality, or inability to focus, as well as a depletion of ying/life essence.  Also useful as a meditation aid.  Sacred to Shiva.  Also anti-nausea as well as appetite stimulant. 

Flax-high in EFA’s as well and therefore has the same effect on the liver as well as helping in the clarity and moisture content of skin.  Benefical to mental function as well

Borage and or evening primrose-high in GLA, useful in treatment of alcoholism as eventually body loses the ability to produce GLA on its own and is dependent the alcohol to do it.  Useful in the treatment of schizophrenia, and aids mental and liver function in general.

As  final note it should be emphasized that the expression all things in moderation is key here.  The most basic premise is learning to balance cooling versus warming, sedative versus stimulant and respecting the power inherent in the medicinal properties of plants.  I highly recommend to anyone being a vegetarian for a while.  Having a mnd free from the influence of flesh is a soul-nurturing and centering experience.  It should be cautioned that you can become too passive on a vegetarian diet, stemming from an empahsis or more cooling foods.  As a person who was a vegetarian for 5 years, I can tell you I had more stamina and clarity of mind so that now, when I do eat small amounts of meat, I have a string foundation to guage it’s effect on me and how much is too much, and most people in this country eat WAY too much meat.  I have roughly 1/4 – 1/2 of a pound of meat a week.  Over consumption of flesh leads to the liver stagnation evident in most people.  You will also find that humans do naturally have night vision.  As the eyes are linked to the liver, we have gotten so used to side-effects of a out of balance liver we dont even know what baseline normal is.  Not only does vision improve, but so does skin clarity, aging is stopped if not reversed to some extent.  Try this, and for further reading, buy Paul Pitchford’s healling with whole foods, as the information in this post largely comes from that work.  And invaluable purchase.  Happy healing:)

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Why the blackbirds are dying at least

January 24, 2011 at 3:29 pm (environmental, mass die-offs, parenting, political, Science, Uncategorized)

Today I recieved news from a source that there was another mass die-off of starlings in South Dakota.  What was different about this report though is that a cause was known at the time of the report, it was poisoning.

It seems back in 2001 the USDA devised a plan to control the blackbird population by poisoning them with DRC 1339.  The reason, to protect sunflower crops.  This is news to me, a veteran in conservation circles.  I knew about them poisoning wolves and mountain lions, in fact I even wrote a letter to the president regarding it.  But I did not know this.

I have already known that our modern ag system is not only soaked in the blood of the earth, as in oil, but it is also soaked in the blood of creatures who are raised for food, never see the light of day, spend their entire lives soaked in their own manure and tripping over their own dead.  Yes this is what you are eating when you eat that McDonalds hamburger, or when you buy a chicken from walmart. 

God and the spirits have a way of getting the truth out no mattter how suppressed it is.  Why do you think there have been so many meat and egg recalls?  Why do you think people are dying from eating this stuff?  Why do you think people are getting so sick?  It is the Karmic punishment for not paying attention to where your food came from, and what was done to it, sometimes with horrific results as when a child dies.  My heart goes out to the parents of these children, from one mother to another.

What these deaths have done is spurred these parents to pay attention, and I would encourage all other parents to pay attention, because their is a massive demon involved in the modern ag system, and it’s name is greed.  I can not rail against the corporate system enough.  Large scale farms are great for producing large volumes of food, but they are not great in terms of effective management.  They are so huge that they require massive amounts of gas-guzzling farm equipment, expensive equipment, they require mass spraying of pesticides because there is simply no other way to contain the problem on a farm that big, and it requires apparently that natural foragers be taken out of the picture as well.

I said in my post on Clothianidin, that I thought that maybe these mass-dieoffs were a result of ag pesticides, and I know I am right about that, but what I didn’t account for was that maybe our own government would want that, because it cannot effectively rid itself of corporate influence, because the corporations have taken it over.  You get to the top of the FDA, the CDC, the EPA and the USDA by being willing to take a corporations money and look the other way, as they destroy all that is bright and beautiful in this world, and only a handful of people pay attention enough to even know what is going on.  Everyone else plays with their blackberries, and watches dancing with the stars, blithely ignoring the fact the world is burning down around them.  Do not think you are innocent because you didn’t know.  The signs are all around you, the information is available on the internet, any knob who can type a word into the box on google can find this stuff.  So your hands are not clean of the blood, quite to the contrary, your complicit silence and going along to get a long will damn you to this fiery hell on earth your ignorance is creating.

I hate the corporations, and I hold them responsible for their actions, but I also know they would not be able to do what they are doing to this beautiful earth if people paid attention and stopped supporting them.  It’s kind of like the guy who gets bit by the snake, when the snake says he wouldn’t.  The guy asks why did you bite me, and the snake  replies, because I’m a snake.  Corporations are in it for the money, no matter what they tell you, and as we’ve been bitten in arse by them selling out jobs to overseas, crashing the stock market, devaluing the dollar, poisoning the water and air, asking them why they did that is a bit like asking the snake why he bit the guy.  Frankly I hold average people more accountable because they were dumb enough to trust these corporatists.

It seems now that even vegetables and seeds grown by corporate farms are soaked in blood as well, the blood of the blackbirds falling out of the sky.

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Vaccines are safe, trust us.

January 23, 2011 at 5:20 pm (environmental, medicine, parenting, political, Science)

Before you read this article, check this out, this was published today 1/26, and it backs up exactly what I say in this article

So anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see has seen that the original scientist who discovered the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, is being summarily eviscerated, slandered and blackballed all over God’s green earth right now.  I do not know what he really did, I know better than to trust the words of anyone I do not know, and i know especially not to trust the words of corporate media who’s owners have a vested interest in not only the news and what people think, but pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose billions of dollors if people start being more choosy and educated about what they inject their children with.  Indeed they even have a hold on Wikipedia.  I tried to go in there and edit the page on Andrew Wakefield, the author of the original study showing a link, as the entry was quite obviously written by the same people who are slandering them,  and within minutes was told my edit was deconstructive and biased, and it was summarily removed, and I can’t do a damn thing about it.  It was not by a Wikipedia monitor either, but rather another user who could not be traced and wiki won’t get involved.

The corruption of the medical system in this country and in the world is as vast as it is disturbing.  The fact that the corporations have a hold on not only the news media, but websites that are supposed to be open to anyone to edit is infuriating.  Just so you all know, don’t trust wikipedia, the corporatists got to them too.  As a person who comes from a family of scientists and a grandfather who was a doctor, and I went to school to be a doctor of oriental medicine, it is beyond disturbing to me to see that the majority of doctors go along with this, when they have to know what it is doing.  This is the legacy of corporate healthcare.  They know about the vaccines, they know about cures for AIDS and Cancer, they know the causes, as in pollution, toxic food additves and pesticides and manufactered epidemics, but rather than do what the hippocratic oath would require, they keep silent, for it is not profitable to cure.

Well, to hell with them.  Literally.  Lets just say I have inside information that tells me the truth can not be hidden, no matter what they try.  The more they try, the more they condemn themselves, for then people learn not to trust them for anything, and in their sinful choice of suppressing the truth they are destroying any influence they might have been able to retain if they had just told the truth.  Even now I can hear their death throes, I hear it in their increasing desperate attempts to bury the truth.  But you can’t bury the Truth, it all comes out in the end, and Justice will be served, and there will be no where the manipulated dead who caused this suffering can hide.  Keep trying to thwart the tide, your increasing desperate attempts to hide this are music to my ears, for I am winning aren’t I?

The truth?  The truth is that the symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to autism, below is a link to the national autism association, with a table showing a correlation.  You will find plenty of truth to back up my statements here on their site.  Everything, correlates exactly.  Indeed if their were not a link, why did major pharmaceutical companies quietly move to remove thimerisol, the mercury based preservative responsible for this, a few years ago?  Indeed follow the link below for there are also plenty of studies on the site backing up the claim that autism is being caused by this preservative.  So was Wakefield right about the MMR vaccine causing Autism, yes.  He just didn’t know it was a component of the vaccine, not the vaccine itself.  But they have taken him out and crucified him nonetheless.  Stripped him of his medical license, accused him of heinous acts etc.  The same bologna they pulled on Julian Assange and anyone else who dares to speak out.  They even did it to me, sent a worm into my email that sent out links to sex pills to everyone in my contact list.  You dummies, you only showed my friends conclusively that I was indeed saying something sensitive and truthful, as you felt the need to even do that.  Do I fear you?  No because you are so stupid and blinded by your greed, that you will consistently make mistakes through your faulty perception.  You are literally blind. Everything you see or do is colored by the demon within you.

The sick part is that governments are doing this.  The FDA and CDC are supposed to have our best interest in mind, but yet they are towing the pharmaceutical line on everything, suppressing the lawsuits people are trying to file, all because they are worried that these lawsuits would encourage people to not get their children vaccinated.  Well y’all are accomplishing that well enough on your own, because the more you suppress this, the more distrustful people become, and then they won’t listen to you even when you are speaking the truth.  The only conclusion I am left with is that you are trying to kill us, either through making our kids retarded, poisoning our food with toxic pesticides and the like that slowly make us fat and give us cancer, by allowing polluters to do whatever, passing laws that supposedly are addressing problems, but in reality have so many loopholes that what BP did in the gulf is legal, and only serve to make these corporate assholes even richer, as you figured out a way to make even the very act of polluting profitable with carbon credits.  Anything except addressing the problem.

There was just a little story on CNN in the back corner off their site where no one would see it about how the nasal spray flu vaccine for children under 23mos was causing febrile seizures.  I do not know why they even bother anymore, you all aren’t interested in reporting the truth so why even put that on there.  You actions are those of someone who is clinically insane, or more to the point, those of a sociopath.  You actions are leading to the death, or more to the point, the living death, of millions of children yet you do not show any care or remorse.  You all are in the same ranks as Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer.  Congratulations.

Not only are all these vaccinations causing autism, but you the reader should also know that they level of ambient mercury in air and water also exceeds safe limits, and even if they were under the safe limit as prescribed by regulatory agencies, I would wonder about that to, as it is obvious to me they are way to lenient on everything else, why in the hell would they actually establish a safe limit on something like that.  That would be irrational.  Also know that mercury is coming from those supposedly bettter compact CFL lightbulbs.  You break one, technically you should don a hazmat suit before cleaning it up.  you throw one out in the regular trash and congratulations you just contributed to the already mercury contaiminated groundwater.  The radioactive glow of those things after you shut them off, you guessed it, that’s not good either.

Just so you my valued reader also know, excessive vaccination has also been linked with sudden infant death syndrome as well, but if you go on the CDC website they’ll swear up and down that there is no credible link proving that, just like their no proof mercury in vaccinations caused autism.  The amount of required vaccinations has tripled if not more in the last 30 years.  When I was a child I think I recieved about 3 vaccines, the biggies, MMR, DPT, Polio, and I agree that these vaccines are worth something, but it must also be argued that modern sanitation practices had more to do with the decline of these diseases than the vaccines did.  Go to the other link, vaccine liberation, to see for yourself.  The vaccines they are trying to push these days are for diseases that aren’t even life threatening.  I know because I made the nurses go through every single disease and associated vaccine package insert on the vaccine schedule they threaten people into complying with.

These vaccines and other drugs are shoved through so fast there is no way proper testing can be done.  Really, an H1N1 vaccine that was developed in less than a year, when the original vaccine that was developed in the 70’s for the original swine flu outbreak caused Guillian-Barre, and that was back in the days when the FDA actually did their job somewhat?  Look, the modern medical system is obscenely corrupt, as are regulatory agencies such as the FDA, the CDC and the EPA.  They have been taking over by the fascist global corporatists.  They care about you about as much as the Nazi’s cared for the Jews.

Here is some advice you should take.  Only get your children vaccinated with the big three mentioned earlier, look at the package insert before agreeing to have your child vaccinated and if it has thimerisol in it, do not get no matter what they tell you.  Watch out for  formaldehyde as well.  If your child does have autism, chelate them.  And i would not trust the drugs.  A combination of cilantro, chlorella algae and garlic(fresh, garlic products you buy in the store have been altered) will chelate just as well, but it takes more time.  Get empty capsules, any pharmacist should be able to order some for you.  1 pill chlorella, 2 pills cilantro and 1 small clove of garlic over a period of at least a week should be enough to do the job.  You can continue it longer but just pay attention, anything in excess can be damaging.   Headache, grumpiness and even a quick cold are signs of healing reactions.  If these appear dont worry, it means the stuff is working, make sure this treatment is accompianied by plenty of water, as the kidneys will need to elimanate the toxic metals that come out.

If you haven’t already, start growing your own food.  Make sure you are getting non-GMO seeds, either heirloom or organic and more often than not if it says it’s been “improved” dont eat it.  Do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  Compost and manure are better fertilizers than any chemical, and numerous natural remedies exist for pests, not the least of which is pay attention and removing dead leaves and getting them away from the plants.  Buy a water filter (that actually does the job, Brita doesn’t), and an air filter, and for Gods sake avoid CFL use if you can.  Buy local organic foods if you cannot grow them.  Know where you food comes from, cause take it from someone who knows, you do not want to know where that mcdonalds hamburger or walmart meat came from, and what was done to it.

If you have a child with autism, I cannot guarantee 100% reversal.  The damage has already been done, and chelating only removes the mercury, with the exception of the chlorella all it does is get the mercury out so it can’t do anymore damage.  After chelating is complete, add to your child’s diet flaxseed meal, borage/evening primrose, mushrooms, continue the algae (spirulina should be considered as well) nettle and schizandra berries.  These herbs (make sure the borage/evening primrose and flax are coldpressed and coldprocessed) will provide the body and brain with the nutrients to heal itself.

It is sick that this is even an issue.  But the truth shall set you free.  The more people who pass this information on, the more the truth will be known and we will undermine the people perpetrating this atrocity.  Do not listen to the news, they aren’t reporting anything meaningful anymore and they are owned by the corporatists, do not trust the doctors of western corporate medicine.  Do not trust anyone who has a vested monetary interest in what they tell you.  The situation is very dire, but as I said before I know people like me are winning, for they feel the need to undermine and slander us.  Keep telling the truth no matter what they threaten you with.

Nation autism association

Vaccine Liberation

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Clothianidin, honey bees and recent mass die-offs

January 21, 2011 at 8:54 pm (Climate Change, environmental, mass die-offs, medicine, political, Science, Uncategorized)

So I have stumbled upon another piece of the puzzle of late.  It started with the discovery of a EPA document that was leaked by wikileaks, clearly stating that the EPA approved the use of a neonicotinoid pesticide called Clothianidin, they knew was toxic to not only bees, but birds and aquatic life as well.  This pesticide is produced by Bayer and Valent, who maintain it is safe in spite of the obvious flaws of their study “proving” this erroneous claim.  Among other things it is listed as a possible carcinogen to humans.  It is not very often that I feel rage, but I do at this.  You who have allowed this, including the newsmedia which are as corrupt as they are impotent, as they know damn well about this but agree to cover it up, the lily-livered bureaucrat at the EPA who allowed this, and the fascist scientists at Bayer, deserve nothing less than a nice steaming cup of Clothianidin to drink. 

This pesticide is widely used in corn, canola and soybean crops.  Local uses of clothianidin are, as recommended by the University of Wisconsin Extension, for rootworm in corn, bean leaf beetle (under the name Belay), soybean aphid (again Belay), stinkbugs(belay), listed as fungicide ipconozole/metalaxyl for control of Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Phytophthora, and Phomopsis in Soybean crop in addition to control of wireworm, white grub, seedcorn maggot, and again bean leaf beetle.  It also lists a commercial name of Poncho for it’s use in seed treatment.  It is also sometimes applied to potatos.

The problems with this family of chemicals first started with release of the first neonicotiniod pesticide Imidacloprid in 1994 under the name Gaucho.   Neonicotinoid pesticides work by disrupting the central nervous system of target pests, resulting in disorientation and death.  However the commn practice is to coat seeds with this pesticide, so as the seed germinates, the pesticide stays in the plant, being released in the pollen.  Bees come along, collect the pollen, bring it back to the hive and it compounds over time, eventually destroying the hive.   After it’s introduction into France bee populations rapidly declined, so it was banned.

Clothianidin, was released in 2003, and it is one of the most toxic of the class neonicotinoid.  EPA scientists expressed concern clearly stating it was toxic to both bees and aquatic life, but Bayer was allowed conditional registration for the substance, provided they conducted a study on it’s toxic effects by 2004.  The study was not done until 2007, and was fatally flawed as the control group was located only a few hundred yards away from the test group, and it was tested on Canola Crops, not Corn, which is the major producer of pollen that bees would be exposed to.  Indeed bee die-offs seemed to follow corn plantings, and testing on dead bees resulted in 99% of them having clothianidin buildup.  Indeed as Italy banned neonicontinoids, they showed zero bee mortality in areas with none of this toxic substance present.  It is now banned in Germany and Slovenia as well.

The original 2003 document expresses concerns over birds and mammals eating seeds as they forage through fields planting with seeds treated with clothianidin, as even only 1 or 2 corn seeds could result in developmental and reproductive harm.  Also the signs of ingestion of this compound are among other things, labored breathing.  In the town of Stockton near where I live, 200 cattle just suddenly died as a result of acute interstitial pneumonia, a disease characterized by labored breathing where the creature eventually goes into shock and dies.  Corn, is the common feed of cattle.  I have to wonder, what corn where these cattle fed? 

 Also it is clearly stated in several of these studies that Clothianidin is toxic to aquatic animals as well.  In the last two years there have been 2 major dieoffs of fish in the Big Eau Pleine Resevoir near where I live as well.  One of the major sources of the problem has been cited as ag runoff resulting in choking algae blooms that suck all the oxygen out of the water.  They just installed an aerator, but last month was the second mass die-off.  With the local UW extension office listing this as a pesticide to use for the afore mentioned reasons, is it so far a stretch to say that perhaps what is killing this fish is not necessarily lack of oxygen, but rather asphyxiation occuring due to the presence of Clothianidin in the ag run off in the water?

Put this into the bigger picture and we have a very probably if not likely explaination for the mass fish and bird die-offs since winter set in.  Are these animals all being exposed to Clothianidin treated seed and run-off?  Has anyone done toxicology tests for this chemical?  Indeed beekeepers have stated that the time when bee deaths occur is in winter, when the colonies are under the greatest amount of stress.  Could it be that low level exposure to this chemical is taking it’s toll as the harsh cold sets in, testing the limits of these wild creatures strength.  Indeed most of the die-offs are occuring in countries that allow Clothianidin use.  So either these animals are dying from directly consuming laced seed and/or contaiminated water, or they are suffering secondary immune system effects that leave them weakened from exposure to this chemical, and so they die either from cold more easily, or from other disease that normally they would be able to fight off.  As a witness of the bird deaths in California stated, the birds were flying into semis, “like they were committing suicide”.  It has already been stated that this chemical affects the central nervous system which would result in disorientation.

Another fallacy that seems quite obvious to me as I read over the associated documents is that somehow, careful containment procedures will keep a chemical contained.  This substance is being put on corn out in the open, in fields that get plenty of rain every year.  So not only can anything in the environment come in there and either ingest treated seed, or carry off laced pollen, but any rain storm will result in the run off of this chemical into local streams, river, reserviors, and ground water, not only contaiminating wildlife, but human drinking water as well.  These people with all their college education could not get that simple ecological principle????

You farmers who use these pesticides and poisons, how could you think it could have any other effect?  It is a poison! It’s bad enough you perpetuate the modern industrial ag system which is why you continue to be poor, it’s bad enough that you buy genetically modified seed, which has a much greater failure rate as normal seed as it is genetically unstable, whose pollen screws up heirloom/organic crops, costing organic farmers like me dearly, for if they cross pollinate my stuff I have to wait 7 more years till I can be certified organic again.  GMO’s which only makes corporate monsters like Cargill and Monsanto richer, so they can go into countries like India, give the poor ignorant farmers over there their genetic abominations so they can bankrupt them and lead to the rise of suicides of rural Indian farmers because these corporations put them so far in debt they never will make it out and they know it.  It is a problem so bad that recently Prince Charles commented on it, another story that was summarily ignored by mainstream media.  It is bad enough you contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by using petroleum based fertilizers, in addition to tractors which belch CO2 out into the atmosphere at ridiculous rates, and that the run-off from the fertilizers you use is resulting a dead zone in the gulf of mexico you can see from space.  And then you’ll swalllow the lies of conservative pundits and politicians whose primary sponsors and campaign contributions are from the very corporations that caused this and profit from it.  And you wonder why you are poor? 

It would seem obvious to me that one of the major contributors to mass die-offs of not only bees, but fish and birds as well is this highly toxic chemical.  I cannot express my disgust at what I have learned today enough.  Bayer, a corporation having it’s roots in Nazi germany, manufactures and lies about a highly toxic chemical, the US government regulatory agency, the EPA, ignores the warnings of it’s own scientists, allows this chemical to be used, even when the conditions of it’s use were not met, ie a study within a year.  Just like even when the EPA ordered BP to stop spraying Corexit, another banned substance, but BP continued to spray anyway.  The EPA is either massively corrupt, or does not have the regulatory teeth to stop this flagrant flouting of the law.  The tests done to establish the toxicity of clothianidin, were done not only on rats, but on beagles, by Covance of Madison, who deliberately recruits college students from the UW for it’s human pharmacuetical trials.  How did they legally get to use beagles???  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a chemical some ex-Nazis created is going to kill stuff.  Really you need to cause this kind of atrocity to figure that out?  How do you people sleep at night???!!   I do not know whether to cry or wretch.

Leaked EPA document

Original 2003 document expressing concerns about clothianidin

Study conducted by Covance in Madison showing “labored breathing” in test animals, symptom of acute interstitial pneumonia, what killed the 200 cows in stockton

Safety information clearly stating this product is lethal if ingested and toxic to both birds and fish

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